Jail bookings Aug. 15-19

August 19, 2022 | Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked in the county jail Aug. 15-19 include:

Travis Andrew Alvey, 35, Ponca City, larceny, unauthorized use of a bank card and domestic abuse.

Shane Andrew Bledsoe, 35, assault on a police officer.

Don L. Atchison, 38, Blackwell, eluding police.

Victor Elias Bigbear, 22, Ponca City, BIA warrants.

Tonya Ann Allie Bradley, 26, Ponca City, burglary, larceny.

William J. Burgess, 67, Blackwell, Collier County Florida hold.

Gerald B. Burnette, 69, Ponca City, DUI and obtaining money under false pretenses.

Nicholas Bryan Gray, 23, Ponca City, public intoxication.

Jalena Rae Harjo, 26, Blackwell, larceny and DUI.

Justin Dean Head, 35, Braman, DUI of chemical or controlled substance.

Tanner Jack Heimbach, 40, Tonkawa, domestic assault and battery.

Bradley W. Irvin, 51, Augusta, Kan. drunk in or about auto.

Dustin Leo Kent, 38, Ponca City, Oklahoma County hold.

Harlan Alwood Lieb, 47, Ponca City, drug charges.

Hollis irving Lieb, 54, Marland, drug charges.

Jimmie Lee Wayne Mefford, 61, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.

David James Moreland, 58, Ponca City, Garfield County hold.

Harley J. Pennington, 22, Bridgeway Hold.

Cricket Leann Rhodd, 37, drug charges, false personation and larceny,

Malachi Reed Rogers, 18, Wichita, Kan., assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Shawn Clayton Sedam, 39, Ponca City, drug and firearm charges.

Bernadette Shouldblade, 36, Lame Deer, Montana, BIA contract.

Howard W. Sutton, 45, Kirksville, Mo., obstructing an officer.

Daniel Takes Enemy, 22, BIA contract.

Laizon Thompson, 25, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.

Thad Nicolas Trepton, 36, Ponca City, receiving and or possession stolen property, grand larceny, obtaining money under false pretenses, larceny.

Leah Ann Warrior, 44, Tonkawa, exploitation of an elderly or disabled person

Jennifer Lea White, 48, Tonkawa, drug and stolen property charges.

Shane Wesley White, 20, Ponca City, burglary and conspiracy.