Medical Marijuana is legal, but Oklahoma Is charging women for using it while pregnant

February 14, 2024 | Featured|Headlines

Courts are set to decide if using the drug during pregnancy is a crime, even as a growing number of women in the state face prosecution.

By Brianna Bailey | https://www.readfrontier.org

Amanda Aguilar’s ordeal seemed to be over.  

The criminal case against her began after she delivered her youngest child in Ponca City, Oklahoma, a small town near the Kansas border, in 2020, and the baby tested positive for marijuana. Aguilar had been taking the drug to treat severe morning sickness during pregnancy.

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Tonkawa police receive two units from OCC

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Corporation Commission Transportation Division has downsized its motor vehicle fleet to the benefit of 16 other law enforcement agencies, departments and offices, including the Tonkawa Police Department which received two vehicles courtesy of OCC.

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