Strengthen Oklahoma Homes Act goes in effect on Nov. 1

July 8, 2024 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Strengthen Oklahoma Homes Act becomes effective on Nov. 1 with the first grants going out in 2025.

“This measure assists homeowners in proactively protecting their homes from the destructive forces of nature in an effort to lower their insurance costs,”  said Rep. Mark Tedford, Tulsa. “I’m pleased to bring together the various stakeholders who helped work on this legislation and those who will benefit from it to celebrate its signing.”

HB3089 establishes a grant program to assist residential property owners to construct or retrofit homes against the destructive forces of tornadoes, windstorms or hail. Grants will be  administered by the Oklahoma Insurance Department for individuals with insurable property who reside in an approved county, meet certain home conditions, and own an owner-occupied, single-family residence.

The legislation is co-authored by Reps. Ellyn Hefner, D-Oklahoma City, and Jacob Rosecrants, D-Norman. Sen. Dewayne Pemberton, R-Muskogee, is the principal Senate author.

HB 3089 was signed into law by the governor May 13. 

Under the measure, grant funds may be used by qualifying homeowners to reinforce their roofs with impact-resistant materials that meet the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) fortified standards. This will enable consumers to construct or retrofit their homes with impact-resistant shingles and other enhancements.

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to lower-income applicants and applicants who live in areas more prone to catastrophic weather. 

The property owner must hire an approved evaluator to prequalify the property, obtain bids from at least three approved contractors, and follow specific retrofitting standards.