PCDA allocates funds towards housing initiative

July 8, 2024 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY — The Ponca City Development Authority is intensifying its efforts to combat the local housing crisis which hinders the growth and workforce attraction by allocating $1 million towards housing initiatives over the next three years. 

Recent data from a comprehensive housing study conducted this spring shows that 121 houses have been constructed in Ponca City over the past decade, underscoring a critical shortage of affordable housing options in the area.

“For years, Ponca City has faced the challenges posed by a limited housing supply,” said Lori Henderson, Executive Director of PCDA. “The demand for affordable, quality housing has consistently outpaced supply, stalling our community’s growth potential and impacting our ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce.”

In response to these issues, the PCDA has taken proactive measures. Since November 2023, a committee composed of PCDA trustees, community members, city commissioners, and PCDA staff convened monthly to devise strategies to address the housing shortage. 

After extensive deliberations and collaboration, significant amendments were made to the PCDA trust indenture.

“In April of this year, following votes by both the PCDA board of trustees and the city commission, we finalized amendments to the trust indenture to include incentives aimed at stimulating housing development,” Henderson said. “These incentives are designed to complement the City of Ponca City’s existing Housing Incentive Program (HIP), ensuring that developers receive additional support to undertake crucial housing projects.”

The decision to align with the City’s HIP program reflects PCDA’s commitment to leveraging resources effectively to foster housing development. Henderson expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential impact on the local housing market.

“Housing is absolutely essential to Ponca City’s growth,” Henderson said. 

“Our collaboration with the City’s HIP program will provide the necessary push for developers to consider Ponca City a viable location for their projects. Already, we have one builder approved for incentives, and discussions are ongoing with several others.”

PCDA officials said that Chris Henderson, of the City Development Services Department, plays a pivotal role in facilitating these initiatives, ensuring that projects are streamlined and supported from inception to completion.

“We are excited about the prospects ahead and remain dedicated to advancing solutions that will enhance housing accessibility in Ponca City,” said Chris.

For more information on PCDA’s housing initiatives and updates on upcoming projects, visit www.GoPonca.com.