Kay County Courthouse on track to open June 10

June 4, 2024 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — The remodeled Kay County Courthouse is scheduled to open to the public on June 10.

The $16 million project has been in the works since 2021. County Commissioner Shane Jones said that the district court offices will be closed June 3-7 to allow time for the move into the courthouse from the temporary location.

Kay County Court Clerk Marilee Thornton said that during the move in week, her office will not have access to phones or computers.

“Payments due that week will be extended at no penalty to the defendant,” she said. Payments can be made on odor.com. We will not be able to issue marriage licenses or passports. The judges plan to handle bonds but we will have no court appearances. We will be working really hard to get moved in and the county has hired the Department of Corrections to assist with the move. I’m very confident that we will have no problem getting back open on June 10.”

Thornton said banners will be in place at the temporary location, alerting residents that court is back in session at the courthouse.

The remodeled courthouse will no longer be home to the election board, OSU extension, county assessor, county clerk or treasure’s offices, as those have relocated permanently to the Annex Building next door.

The courthouse now features a sally port for law enforcement and nearly two dozen bathrooms.

The basement that was once home to the election board and OSU Extension office, is now the home to holding cells and visitation rooms for inmates.

In addition to the district attorney and court clerk offices, there are now four courtrooms in the building.

Jones said there was a flooding issue in the basement recently and that county officials are working with architects to find a solution. He explained that water pours out of the spout on the northwest side of the building and flows down the ramp toward the building, finding its way into the basement.