Pfeiffer comments on budget summits

May 22, 2024 | Headlines

Budget Summits Continue
by Rep. John Pfeiffer

OKLAHOMA CITY — Budget summits between House and Senate leaders continued last week and are expected again this week. 

The House and Gov. Stitt have called for some version of an income tax cut, but the Senate president pro tem is firm in saying he will not bring the matter to a vote in his chamber.

John Pfeiffer serves District 38 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His district includes Grant County and parts of Garfield, Kay, Logan and Noble counties.

With that off the table – at least for now – the focus has turned to line-by-line items for education, transportation, public health, public safety and more. Both chambers are actually not that far apart on a final budget, and recent negotiations have been productive. I think we’re all hopeful budget legislation could be heard this week and sent to the governor so we have time to override any vetoes if necessary before we sine die May 31.

The House and Senate last week did pass a  pair of bills that will appropriate $45 million to communities damaged by recent tornadoes. This funding will help fill a crucial gap in hazard mitigation and offer an extra helping hand as communities begin to rebuild. Those bills, House Bill 2912 and House Bill 2913, were signed by the governor on Friday.

Also last week, Macyn Thomas, a junior from Pond Creek-Hunter High School, served as a page in my House office.

Pages run messages to lawmakers while we’re in session on the House floor, and they perform other office tasks. They also participate in a mock legislative session, getting to write, ask questions and debate their own legislation. It’s a fun and informative week.

Macyn is the daughter of Chris and Heather Thomas from Nash.

In high school, she has served as a class officer for three years. She is vice president of the Student Council this year and next year. She is a member of the Parent Teacher Student Association and is on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. She’s in the gifted & talented program and a member of both the Oklahoma and the National Honor Society. She received the 2020 Masonic Lodge Student of Today Award and the Ewbank & Hennigh PLLC Student of the Month Award in October. She also is a recipient of the Gaylord-Pickens 2023 Oklahoma Scholarship Competition and the National Association of County Office Employees Scholarship, and she’s completed 25 college courses.

Macyn plays fast- and slow-pitch softball and basketball. This year these teams received the Distinguished Academic Award. She also is a three-time state vocalist and was voted by her peers for the Best Teammate Award two years in a row. 

After high school, Macyn said she is considering pursuing a nursing or nutrition degree at the University of Central Oklahoma. She would then like to get her masters and work in either neonatal intensive care or with children who suffer from obesity.

Macyn is obviously a very gifted and motivated young woman, and I wish her every success in her future. It was a pleasure having her at the Capitol as a page.

As always, if you have concerns about bills, or problems I can assist you in solving, please reach out to me at or call my office at 405-557-7332. 

Pfeiffer serves District 38 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. His district includes Grant County and parts of Garfield, Kay, Logan and Noble counties.