Court date set for Tennessee woman accused of DUI and wrecking in the Jiffy Trip parking lot

May 14, 2024 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A court date is set for a Tennessee woman accused of driving drunk with a firearm and high centering her vehicle in the parking lot of Jiffy Trip in Ponca City.

Erin Mary Sumler, 36, Big Sandy, Tenn. was arrested by Ponca City police on Sept. 17, 2023.

Police report that officers responded to a report of a collision at the Jiffy Trip, 3001 north 14th.

Upon arrival they discovered a GMC pickup high centered on a curb with its lights on and motor running. Police report that Sumler was sitting in the driver’s seat.

Erin Mary Sumler

Officer Eric Welch made contact  with Sumler. She reportedly told Welch that she missed her turn on the road and pulled into the parking lot to turn around, but went off the curb.

Welch reports that there was a case of beer in the vehicle and that Sumler denied that she had been drinking but did say she had been drinking the night before at the truck show in Tonkawa. She reportedly failed the Standardized Filed Sobriety Test and was arrested. She consented to a breath test and reportedly blew a .12. Her vehicle was searched and authorities report finding a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic handgun in the center holster. Sumler is facing misdemeanor charges of DUI and carrying a firearm while under the influence. She is free on $1,500 bond.