Marriages and Divorces Feb. 24- May 10

May 12, 2024 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Those who have filed for marriage or divorce in Kay County District Court Feb. 24- May 10:


Kelsie Dawn Chodrick and Joanne Searle

Colonel Major Williams and Diashannel Christine Jackson

Thomas Joseph Woodcut and Nora Montserrat Irigoyen Medina

Austin Kenneth Lamb and Heather Kay Spitler

Logan Earl Davis and Leanna Jane Wedman

Vivian Faye Smith and Marilyn Dee Martin

Randy Eugene McKnight and Arti Singh

Barnabas Moody and Shirlynn Mwea

Claude Gayle Cassady and Kaylee Shannon Cerise

Sabrina Marie Convers and Christian Lee Wilson

Joe Ted Brown and Freda Suzanne Bolf

Robert Allen Shoate Jr. and Shane Christopher Gootee

Tyler Grant Compala and Catherine May Johns

Robert Palacio and Misti Dawn Crews

Francis Rene Soucy II and Danielle Laray Mitchell

Ethan Elias Roy Gentry and Gloria Dawn Havens

Maison William Ingram and megan Lane Brown

Kanon Thomas Hutson and Ashlee Anne McGuire

Colby Daniel Głowacki and Hannah Marię Houk

Christopher Sanders Ortiz and Julie Anne Marie Stout

Tony Clinton Coleman and Valeria Suzanne Streeter

Taylor Douglas Hall and Hailey Rashel Rhodes

Catrina Marie Ducat and Paul Anthony Cuesta Oliveira

Matthew Justin Hammer and Molly Catherine Cole

Tryston cody Urben McNees and Lacey Lynn Bergmeier

Brett Michael Donaldson and Raven Justine Hurst

Stephen Todd Bacher and Leisa Gail Duncan

Mundo Benjamin Hernandez and Carmen Rosa Troche Lopez

Steven Matthew Hooker and Amanda Dawn Suggs

Daniel Alan Morrison and Lauren June Champlin

Jonathan M. Warford and Amber Rachelle Hankla

Jared Michael Engleking and Andrea Fernanda Flores-Diaz

Talon Wade Grimes and Stormy Leigh Tilley

Devin Eugene Sester and Ravenell Michelle Maple

Justin Lee Walker and Sara Beth Terrell

Russell Wayne Cannady and Leslie Ann Provance

Darrel Wyatt Hubbard and Stormie Dawn Beller

Noel Villegas Ontiveros and Cinthia Perez Acosta

Harold Dean Van Tassel Jr. and Kathryn Theresa Sanders

Keisha Rae Wood and Jessica Lee Cole

Michael Wayne Henry and Ma Dolores Gomez-Lopez

Derek Clifford Baker and Haley Katherine Wilkerson

Chandler Dean Stewart and Kendra Marie Davis

Noah Christian Briggs and Maylee Jo Brown

Blake Hesten Baetz and Sylvia Ann DeLodge

Matthew Warren Fuller and Isabella Mae Zeka

Wesley Garrett O’Neill and Meghan Ann Low

James Wallace Hill and Lea Libril Nepomuceno

Michael Albert Springer and Caley Ann Sharp

Hayden Kade Langdon and Lindsay Nicole Hollis

Donnie Joe Hutchison Sr. and Jennifer Amanda Doolittle

Terry Alan Dakota Richardson and Lezlieanne Marie Stout

David Leon Parks and Wanda Sue German

Pearl Jean Oden and Sara Marie Meyers

Noah Graham Boaz and Kelsey Deanne Wright


Tobie Klee Danna Irvin vs. John Michael Irvin

Baylee Morgan Bonewell and Elijah Cole Bonewell

Amanda Michelle Horton and Quentin James Horton

Esparza Alfonso Diaz and Tammy Renea Diaz

Elizabeth R. Sullivan and Hunter M. Sullivan

Donna Dianne Thornton and Gearld Edward Thornton

Kristin Ellen Spencer and Everett Ray Spencer

Kathlene Danielle Clark and Seth Dwayne Clark

Joel Steven Benson and Jennifer Benson

Le Dominque Danette and Le Viet Quoc

Devon Scott Pollard and Mariah Marie Phillips

Lisa K. Massey and Robert Jason Massey

Valri Marie Cope and James Elliott Bonomini

Hilary Angel Emery and Dwayne Leroy Emery Jr.

Miguel Camargo Jr. and Leoda Gail Frejo

Jake William Bolling and Amanda Dawn Bolling

Amanda Leigh Richards and Casy Allen Richards

Kathy Jo Thicknail and Joseph Thicknail Jr.

Dawn Marie Carter and Dakota Allen Carter

Derle O Mork Jr. and Denise Ann Francis Mork

Al Carpenter and Landon Dereck Carpenter

Tammy Bruce and Jason Bruce

Kristen Danelle Hill and Joseph Jonathan Hill

Alan Duane Riff and Melissa Kay Riff

Sarai Morales and Rodolfo Morales

Wrangler James Gee and Kaelyn Christina Gee

Jessica O’Brien and Christopher O’Brien

Candiance Leigh Matthews and James Berline Matthews

Roshabiben Patel vs. Pulin Patel

Kimberly McCall vs, Matthew Lee McCall

Rebecca Ann White vs. Mitchell Nelson White Jr.

Eddie Darwin Rosebery vs. Charlene Lefree Rosebery

Katie Lee Holmes vs. Antony Duane Holmes

Misty Dawn McClaflin vs. Michael McClaflin

Michael Wayne Brown vs. Crystal Rose Brown

Morgan Putnam vs. Katelyn Kristine Putman

Brad Allen Purdy vs. Candyce Lynn Purdy

Elizabeth Grace Stewart vs. Chad Aaron Stewart

Bonita June Watkins vs. Scott Owen Watkins

Heather Leann Hook vs. Dustin Bridgers Houk

Erica Nicole Abumousa vs. Motasem Rushdi Farris Abumousa

Tina Jo Kinney vs. John Neil Ballard Jr.

Angela Dawn Edwards- Clark vs. Adam Aaron Clark

Alan Wesley Vanover vs. Dana Hanover

Sierra marie Ramsey vs. Alexander Lee Ramsey

Alberta Jean Hoose vs. Billy Earl Vyers

Kaitlyn Christine Manis vs. Phillip Brian Manis

Kylie Danelle Forristal vs. Benjamin Mathew Forristal

Tara Ann Harkins vs. Jared Ryker Harkins

Nicholas Ray Grove vs. Courtney Danielle Grove