Jail bookings March 22-April 8

April 8, 2024 | Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked in the county jail March 22- April 8 include:

Christopher Abbott, 18, Ponca City, petit larceny.

Clint Jaren Armstrong, 40, Tonkawa, domestic assault.

Larry Beals, 81, Ponca City, lewd or indecent acts to a child, facilitate sexual conduct with a minor and violation of state computer crimes act.

Autumn Deanne Bell, 46, Blackwell, embezzlement of property.

Wyatt Bigbear, 19, BIA hold.

Stephen Dawayne Bilyeu, 30, drug charges.

John Bjarne Blazinski, 35, Ponca City, aggravated manufacture of CDS.

Joshua Aron Bloomfield, 31, Tonkawa, threaten to perform violence.

Elijah Cole Bonewell, 26, Blackwell, rape by instrumentation, sexual battery, domestic assault and strangulation.

Hannah Boyer, 25, harboring fugitives.

Michael Todd Bradford, 52, Stillwater, possession of a CDS.

Joshua Ryan Butler, 28, lewd or indecent proposals to a child, sex offender registration and plan to conspire to perform an act of violence. (see story)

Bryan Kenneth Camren, 28, Ponca City, DUI.

Samira Isis Cerre, 19, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Sydonia Ann Nichole Chatfield, 30, Tonkawa, robbery and drug charges.

Van Chatfield, 29, accessory to a felony, firearm and drug charges.

Spencer Wayne Clonts, 29, Blackwell, burglary.

Derrek Ray Collins, 36, Ponca City, stolen property and burglary charges.

Trelon DeLodge, 22, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Vanessa Collen Dent, 38, Tonkawa, DUI and drug charges.

Mitchell Reed Deroin, 19, Ponca City, first degree murder. (see story)

Marissa Renee Dole, 26, Ponca City, petit larceny, bail jumping domestic assault. 

Victoria Ann Dummer, 33, Ponca City, firearm charges.

Trena Dell Ellington, 29, Blackwell, obtaining cash by false pretense.

Max Escudero, 24, Ponca City, assault and battery.

Preston Michael Fansher, 22, Piedmont, DUI.

Eric Fisher, 49, Stillwater, DUS.

Desirae Nicole Frisch, 28, Ponca City, larceny and drug charges.

Diana Tracey Gage, 56, Ponca City, DUI and DUS.

Sarah Ann Godfrey, 31, Ponca City, assault and battery.

Bryar Wayne Golay, 30, Ponca City, possession of a CDS.

Damien Lee Goodman, 37, Ponca City, embezzlement of property.

Vivian Delores Hernandez, 38, Ponca City, Payne County hold.

Christopher Ryan Hill, 42, malicious injury to property.

Danny Lynn Hill, 59, burglary.

Anthony Duane Holmes, 37, Ponca City, kidnapping, domestic assault.

Dakota Mikel Hughes, 31, Arkansas City, Kan., eluding police and running a roadblock.

Larry Wayne Israel, 55, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.

Christopher Jackson, 23, Arkansas City, Kan., DUI.

Joshua Wilson Jameson, 35, Oklahoma City, burglary. 

Zachary Scott Jehue, 26, Blackwell, arson and possession of contraband by an inmate.

Elijah Emery Johnson, 21, domestic assault and battery.

Jimi Dais Fern Angelica Henderson Jumper, 21, Tahlequah, Otoe tribal hold.

Brittany Marie Klinger, 38, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Kali Ray Kollars, 28, Ponca City, Craig County hold.

Alonza LeClair, 21, Tonkawa, DUS.

Shayla Marie LeClair, 34, drug, conspiracy and embezzlement charges.

Steven Joe LeClair, 32, Ponca City, burglary.

Gabrielle Marie Lefthand, 36, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.

Christopher Michael Logan, 29, Feltcher, Oklhaoma. Child abuse. (see story)

Toby Matthew Londrie, 55, Livingston, Texas DUI.

David Long, 33, Oklahoma City, DUI.

Jason Neal Lowman, 43, Ponca City, possession of a CDS with out a tax stamp.

Edgar Emmanuel Lopez Martinez, 31, burglary.

Kyle Brent Miller, 45, Shidler, stalking.

Daniel Carlitos Morales, 42, Ponca City, PCPD hold.

Amanda Neal, 39, Ponca City, drug trafficking.

Gary Louis Nunn, 62, drug charges.

Lavelle Others, 18, Stillwater, BIA hold.

Andrew Quinn Pappan, 28, Ponca City, domestic assault with a deadly weapon. (see story)

Patrick James Pappan, 31, White Eagle, BIA hold.

Triston Anthony Nataye Pappan, 27, Ponca City, BIA hold. Bond is $27,300.

Rodney Eugene Peck, 34, Arkansas City, Kan., bail jumping.

Christian Michael Petty-Pinegar, 28, Ponca City, stalking.

David Russell Primeaux, 45, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Gabriel Thomas Primeaux, 33, Ponca City, cild abuse by injury and forcible sodomy.

Johnny Douglas Rivers, 54, Ponca City, larceny of a retailer. 

Joseph Roe, 39, Ponca City, sexual battery and indecent exposure.

Shawntine Marie Rose, 41, Wichita, Kan., larceny and drug charges.

Steven Roy, 64, Ponca City, public intoxication.

Dawn Rutherford, 50, Ponca City, cruelty to animals and abandonment of animal.

Rebecca Eileen See, 53, Blackwell, assault and battery.

Harley David Smith, 41, Tulsa, public intoxication.

Tyler Ray Stracener, 38, Ponca City, domestic assault.

William Leonard Welch, pointing a firearm.

Roger Allan White, 34, Ponca City, stolen property charges.

Dillon Wilson, 23, Blackwell, public intoxication.

Nicole Railey Wilson, 32, possession of a CDS.

Johnny Lee Worst, 52, Ponca City, embezzlement of property. (see story)