Polls open at 7 a.m. in tomorrow in Newkirk, Braman and Deer Creek-Lamont

April 1, 2024 | Headlines

UPDATE: Election results

Kelle Johnson defeated Cody Anderson for Newkirk mayor by a vote of 147-92. Jason Grace defeated Trevor O’Brien for School Board seat No. 4. Braman voters approved a measure stating that the clerk should be appointed by the Board of Trustees by a vote of 15-7.

NEWKIRK — Voters in the Newkirk, Braman and the Deer Creek-Lamont School District go to the polls Tuesday.

In Braman, voters will determine if the clerk should be appointed by the Board of Trustees.

In Newkirk, Kellie Johnson and Cody Anderson are competing for mayor and Trevor O’Brien and Jason Grace are competing for School Board Seat No. 4. 257-61.

In the Deer Creek-Lamont Robert Waggoner and Russell Miller are competing for school board No. 4 seat. For precinct information call The Kay County Election Board at 580-362-2130 or kaycounty@elections.ok.gov