Over 55 people turn out to celebrate the launch of CarePortal

February 12, 2024 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY — Over 55 people, including Kay County social workers and pastors gathered in the recreation building at Marland’s Place to celebrate the launching of CarePortal, a fast and effective way for agency partners to connect with local churches and community members  around the needs of children and families they serve.  

Northeast Baptist Church Pastor Scott Melton held his brown leather Bible up in the air during the Kay County CarePortal launch.  

“This book that I hold in my hand is an instruction manual and God gave us  a commission – that great commandment is to love him with our whole heart and to love everyone around you,” Melton said. A commandment that will now be easier to do in Kay County.  

“The church cares,” 111Project Executive Director Chris Campbell said. “The community cares. It’s just sometimes we don’t have those connections to get together and CarePortal is helpful to bridge that gap.” 

CarePortal provides an array of opportunities for local churches and communities to serve families in crisis, whether it is preventing the removal of children, supporting foster families or reunifying families.  

“All across the board there are diverse opportunities to engage,” Western Director Kristin Langrehr said. “There’s a way we can all step in.” 

Kay County has 96 children in foster care as of Jan. 1, according to monthly numbers released by the OKDHS. 

“Can we, church, wrap around 96 kids in our county?” Langrehr said. 

Churches enrolled on CarePortal for the initial launch include Immanuel Baptist in Blackwell, House of Prayer in Blackwell, Blackwell Methodist, Braman Community Church, Northeast Baptist, Oak Grove Baptist Church in Kaw City, Glad Tidings and Newpoint Church. 

111Project is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission to mobilize the local church so every child has family. The organization’s initial goal is to mobilize 1,000 churches across Oklahoma that can serve at least one family a month on CarePortal and recruit and support a foster family every year.  

“God is described as a father to the fatherless,” Melton said. “His heart is for people.” Melton said he’s the grandfather to children who were adopted out of foster care.  

“As a church leader, were saying to you today that we want to make sure that were loving as Christ loves you,” he said. “We want to come alongside you and partner with you so on those difficult days, you’re not alone. We’re committed to come alongside and help you carry this burden as we should have been this whole time.” 

A promise that was upheld only 20 minutes later as Melton and Nellie Jack with House of Prayer in Blackwell committed to meeting the first CarePortal request of cleaning supplies.  

“In the midst of these challenging times, a resilient family of three teenagers – aged 14, 9, and 13 – finds themselves navigating the heartbreaking journey of their mother’s terminal illness,” the CarePortal request stated. “The weight of caregiving responsibilities makes it increasingly difficult to attend to the simplest needs, like purchasing essential cleaning supplies. Adding to their struggles, the vacuum has recently broken.” 

By committing to meeting this need, Northeast Baptist Church and House of Prayer in Blackwell helped strengthen this family.  

OKDHS District Director Karol Daniel said she’s so grateful that CarePortal is being launched in Kay County.  “This program is the best way to connect what is needed with the people that want to help,” she said. 

Community Gatherings are scheduled at noon Feb. 22 at Northeast Baptist Church in Ponca City and 2 p.m. Feb. 22 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Blackwell. Visit the 111Project event page to register for the events click here.  

CarePortal has opened doors for meaningful support from churches to families in need throughout the state. Any churches or individuals interested in learning more or getting involved can visit 111project.org

Over 55 people including social workers and pastors across Kay County, gathered in the recreation building at Marland’s Place to celebrate the launching of CarePortal.