OBN conducts search warrant on north Birch

November 15, 2023 | Featured|Police

PONCA CITY — The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics conducted a search warrant at 800 north Birch Tuesday morning. 

OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said that OBN’s Anti-Meth Task Force began an investigation in August that led to the search warrant.

“The Task Force is comprised f agents and analysts from OBN, Kay County Sheriff’s Department, Osage County Sheriff’s Department, Ponca City police, and the 8th District Attorney’s Task Force,” said Woodward.

“Based on the intelligence received about the residence at 800 north Birch, the search warrant yielded multiple items of paraphernalia and approximately 1.5 pounds of meth and currency.”

Woodward said one subject was arrested but would not confirm the name of the subject as the investigation is ongoing.

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