Court date set for naked man arrested at First Council Casino

November 15, 2023 | Courts|Featured

UPDATE: Defendant enters guilty plea

NEWKIRK — On Dec. 6, Rhodes entered a guilty plea to the charge and was sentenced to a one-year suspended in the county jail.

NEWKIRK — A court date is set for a man charged in Kay County District Court with acts resulting in gross injury and or outraging public decency.

Otoe Missouria police report in the affidavit that on Oct. 30, officers responded to First Council Casino for a report of a male who was walking through the casino nude and attempting to jump on a security desk.

Sgt. Brandi Casares reports that he arrived and found the male, identified as 23-year-old Norman Demarcus Rhodes, sitting on a couch in the hotel lobby wearing a ripped shirt and bath towel. He was reportedly coloring in a coloring book with Crayons given to him by staff.

Norman Demarcus Rhodes

Casares reportedly asked him why he had removed his clothes and Rhodes reportedly replied that he had gotten really hot.

Casares discovered that Rhodes had four pairs of sweats scattered throughout the hotel and that one pair had been in the microwave. The officer reports that during questioning Rhodes, claimed to be from Arkansas City, Kan. before he stopped communicating mid sentence and kept a locked gaze.

Newkirk ambulance was dispatched. First responders reportedly determined that Rhodes had ingested some sort of medication or drug and was coming down off of a high. He was medically cleared and transported to the county jail.

Casares returned to the casino, watched surveillance video and determined that Rhodes arrived at the casino gas station wearing only pants and shoes.  He had reportedly been walking along the highway and the temperature was 29 degrees. An employee of the gas station gave him a shirt and then Rhodes reportedly went to the casino, where he removed his clothes, climbed on the security desk, and attempted to play multiple games while nude. Rhodes is being held on $1,500 bond.