Warrant issued in animal cruelty case

November 6, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant is issued for Blake Lee Tidwell, 34, Ponca City, by the Kay County District Court.

A felony count of cruelty to animals was filed against Tidwell on Oct. 20.

Ponca City police report that on Sept. 22, a female was walking with three small children and a puppy in the area of Elmwood Ave. and Cooley Ave.

While on the walk, a pit bull that the woman knew, reportedly ran up to the group. The dog reportedly started out friendly but then reportedly started trying to attack the puppy. The dog’s owner, a female, reportedly ran to the dog and laid on top of it to get it off the puppy.

Tidwell reportedly came and grabbed the pit and dragged it across the street. Tidwell reportedly then pinned the dog down in the front yard and punched it in the face and head over and over. 

The resident reportedly told him to stop and Tidwell reportedly replied, “No I’m going to kill it.”

Blake Lee Tidwell

He reportedly grabbed the pit by the collar, picked it up in the air to where its legs were barely touching the ground. and walked it to the west side of the house.

The woman, kids and puppy, which was not injured, headed home and she called police. She told police she wanted to file a complaint on Tidwell for the way he treated the pit bull.

Police responded and issued citations to the female owner of the pit bull.

Officers looked at the pit bull and did not see any visible injuries. Tidwell was not at the home. Police report that he has not attempted to contact officers to give a statement. 

A warrant for his arrest was issued on Oct. 20 with bond endorsed at $5,000.

His criminal background includes injuring or burning a public building, assault with a deadly weapon, falsely personate another to create liability forgery and possession of meth.

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