Marriages and Divorces

November 5, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Those who have filed for marriage or divorce in Kay County District Court Oct. 2-Nov. 3 are:


Jermie Jacob Valentine Jr. and Josie Michele Thompson

Robert Stockton Lee and Gabrielle Nicole Costello

Jens Donavan Kawika Thames and Graycen Elizabeth Wagner

Andrew Colton Mays and Jacquelyn Nicole Locke 

Caden Michael McIntyre and Dakota Faye Crain

Benjamin Ly Wells and Jenna Shae Wynes

Mitchell Allen Banister and Wendi Rae Bland

Timothy Todd Heathman and Sabrina Lee Williamson

Aislyn Marlena Dawn King and Cadence Marie Brown

Peyton Lee Fowler and Brittney Lynn Summers 

Taran Michael Taylor and Sydney Margaret Wyatt

Conner Scott Bonney and Rachel Lynn Shuey

Tonya Renee Shaw and Deanna Jean Hinshaw

Pedro Antonio Gonzalez and Sherry Ann Queen

John Tyler Whicker and Alycia Rae Price

Isaiah Adam Stephens and Samantha Dawn O’Brien

Hailey Nicole Clark and Alexis Dawn Kirkbride

Austin Marc Horton and Nicole Renee Birch

Guy Mitchell Schuermann and Randa Nicole Neighbors

Dalton Edward Harris and Kassidy Diane Williamson

Dalton Gerald Leathers and Loren Patricia O’Connor

Seyyed Hatam Tammi Sad and Audrey Anne Johnston

Jeremiah Eugene Thompson and Loellita Lynn Hudson

James Randall Hall and Heather Renee Gump

Benjamin Carder Green and Brooklyn Ray Loney

Austin David Wilkins and Annie Dannielle Graham

Maxwell Austin Babot and Alexis Diane Mashburn

April Lynn Bransford and Jessica Leann Hays

Tyler Lee Allen and Anne Bean Nina-Bruin

Darren Joseph Primeaux and Riane Annette Grant

Matthew Raymond Price and Leslie Meredith Shelton

Wayne Louis Scheffel and Jerhonda Kay Wanko

Ian Matthew Waycaster and Khylen Renae Knight

Walter Scott Johnson and Michele Loujean Hasselbring

Michael James Sundberg and Whitney Niccole Anthony

Shane Allen Lewis and Jordan M. Gabrielle Cremers

Larry Dee Jones Jr. and Serena Sue Welch

Lindsey Lee Nittler and kristen Danielle Sharpton

Carl Gene McCormick and Kera Chalon Kester


Kaitlyn Hope Marshall vs. Landon Xavier Marshall

Kristi Jo Heintz vs. Nathan Coye Heintz Sr.

Kristina Lynn McKimson vs, Michael William McKimson

Elleri Jade Martinez vs. Lee Roy Martinez

Dustin Menke vs. Amber Menke

Becky Regean Morgan vs. Tommy Joe Morgan

Cynthia Lee Comer vs. David Paul Comer

Jamie Rene Olivas vs. andres Olivas

Isaac Mitchel Reyes vs. Karsyn Brooky Reyes

Thomas David Duff vs. Brittany Leann Duff

Tara Leigh Sledge vs. Jody Lyn Sledge

Alicia Grace Mitchell vs. Bobby Earl Barnett

Nancy Lynn Bricker vs. Kirby Dean Bricker

Sindel Sandy thomas vs. Carson Officer

Bobbie Sue Melius vs. Scott Allen Sweigart

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