Warrant issued in elderly neglect case

November 1, 2023 | Courts

UPDATE: White in custody

NEWKIRK — White was booked in the county jail on Nov. 2.

NEWKIRK — A warrant is issued for Cornelius James White, 58, Ponca City, by the Kay County District Court.

White is facing a felony count of abuse, exploitation and or neglect of a vulnerable adult.

Ponca City police report that on Sept. 3 officers responded to a residence in reference to a 74-year-old female. A relative told police that White is supposed to be taking care of the female and that she had fallen a few weeks before and suffered bruises. The relative reportedly said that on Sept. 1 the female was transported via ambulance to the hospital and admitted to the critical care unit after she was found to be malnourished and unbathed.

Cornelius James White

An officer reportedly went to the hospital and spoke to the female. She reportedly claimed that White has been taking care of her and denied allegations that he assaulted her.

A nurse at the hospital reportedly told police that it was obvious that the female was being neglected when she arrived at the hospital.

The nurse stated that the female’s diaper was so full, “that mounds of feces were inside” and that she had “urine up in her neck and hair.” The nurse reported that it took 45 minutes to get the female cleaned up.

EMS workers reported that when they arrived at the residence, the female was sitting in her own urine and feces that was all the way up to her neck. 

An officer made contact with White.

He reportedly stated that he is having a hard time taking care of the female and that he uses her credit card with permission to get food. Police report that White smelled of alcohol.

Police obtained medical records and report that medical record abuse assessment section stated that there was no assessment findings of abuse or indications of neglect noted.

A warrant with bond endorsed at $2,500 is issued for White’s arrest.

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