Court date set for woman accused of throwing rock through Walmart entrance

September 21, 2023 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — A court date is set for Michelle Darlene Prince, 23, Ponca City, in Kay County District Court. 

Prince is facing a felony count of malicious injury to property over $1,000.

Ponca City police report that officers responded at 9:43 p.m. on Aug. 28 to Walmart for a report of female who had thrown a rock through a door window on the grocery side of the business.

Officers report they made contact with the female who called herself “KIKI” and then identified herself as Prince.

She reportedly admitted to officers that she threw the rock but that she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.

She reportedly stated that she threw the rock “Per the beast’s orders,” and that she wanted to go to jail “Because there is punishment for crime and I need to go.”

Michelle Darlene Prince

A witness told police that she saw Prince throw the rock and attempt to flee, but that she stopped her.

Officers obtained the rock thrown by Prince from Walmart employees. Police report that it was a 2X2 tan river rock and that the rocks are placed throughout the concrete islands in the parking lot.

Walmart management reportedly told police that the cost to replace the glass would be at least $2,000 and if the entire door needs replaced, it would be nearly $10,000. A customer reportedly told management that Prince tried to throw a rock through the west side entrance. Police report that the west door glass suffered a small mark.

Prince reportedly told officer Cody Womack that she threw the rock because she was mad and that she has committed a crime and should be arrested. Prince was booked in the county jail and bond set at $5,000. She was released on bond on Sept. 13.

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