Former Ponca Bowl owner enters no contest pleas in four felony cases

September 18, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Anthony Duane Diggs, 45, entered no contest pleas to four felony cases in Kay County District Court.

Diggs is now convicted of violating a protective order, that his wife put in place, after he sent a bouquet of flowers containing marijuana to her, stalking a local attorney, kidnapping and assaulting a woman, and using a jail issued iPad to contact one of his victims.

Anthony Duane Diggs

On the felony charge of computer fraud and or unlawful use of a computer system, Diggs is sentenced to a 10 year suspended prison sentence. He is ordered to obtain a domestic violence assessment including 52 weeks of domestic violence treatment. He is also ordered to have no contact with his victims including attorney Grace Yates, her business and her residence.

Digss also prohibited from entering Kay County with out court approval until his sentence is completed. 

On the charges of kidnapping, domestic abuse and threatens to perform an act of violence, Diggs is sentenced to a 20 year suspended sentence, and a total of 18 months in the county jail, suspended.

On the stalking charge, Diggs is sentenced to three years suspended and assessed fines. 

On the drug charge and protective order violation, Diggs is sentenced to five years in prison, with all time suspended. He is also assessed a $5,000 fine with $4,000 of that amount suspended.

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