Blackwell resident convicted of arson charges

September 15, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Blackwell resident Colton Dewayne Brooks, 25, entered no contest pleas in Kay County District Court to felony charges of arson and endangering emergency personnel during arson.

Authorities report that on May 14, 2021, police responded to the 1200 block of south 3rd Street for a report that Brooks was trying to set the house on fire.

An officer smelled something burning and discovered that a resident had extinguished a fire.

On Oct. 7, firefighters and police responded to the same location for a report of a structure fire.

Police located Brooks and reportedly admitted to setting the home on fire. (see story)

Sentencing for Brooks is deferred for seven years and he is ordered to continue mental health treatment. Because of Brooks indigence and diagnosis the court waived all costs of incarceration.