Blackwell couple face firearm charges

September 8, 2023 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Court dates are set for two Blackwell residents charged with feloniously pointing a firearm and reckless conduct with a firearm.

Larry Edwin Keeney Jr., 39, and Ashley Ann Keeney, 37, are set to appear in Kay County District Court on the charges in October. 

The charges were filed after an incident that occurred in the 1100 block of north Main on July 22.

Kay County deputy Wesley Bear reports in the affidavit that at 7:39 p.m. he was dispatched to the Keeney residence after Keeney Jr. reportedly called and said that some people were throwing rocks at his cars and that he had them blocked in and was going to start shooting his AK-47.

As Bear was responding, Blackwell police radio traffic reported that shots had been fired.

At 7:47 p.m. Blackwell police reportedly requested that deputies “step it up,” as there were approximately 30 people arguing at the scene.

Bear arrived and started identifying people. An officer reportedly told Bear that a group of kids started firing an AK-47 at the people down by the river. 

Witness Kelly Horinek reportedly told Bear that it wasn’t kids and that the Keeneys had fired at the ground where the group had been standing.

Bear reports that he saw a black truck parked on the access road facing east, blocking the road. There were also several cars lined up along the east and west sides of the roadway. Bear later learned that the vehicles belonged to the Keeneys. 

Witness Adam Davis reportedly showed Bear a video of a group of people walking toward Ashley and telling her that she had committed a crime. Bear reports that the video shows Ashley start to engage with the group when a subject emerges from the residence and three gun shots are heard.

Bear reports that witnesses told him that the person who fired the shots was Keeney Jr.

Witness Mickey Weber reportedly told the deputy that he had been playing horseshoes when he noticed everyone was going to the road. He said that he saw Ashely standing outside a black truck pointing a semi-automatic pistol at him and telling him not to approach. He said that Ashley was upset about rocks and mud being thrown at their vehicles.

Weber claims that they were talking when Keeney Jr. came out of the house and fired a weapon at the ditch. Weber reportedly claims that Keeney Jr. pointed the weapon at him and that there was a green dot on his chest.

Bear made contact with the Keeneys.

Keeney Jr.,reportedly admitted to firing three rounds at the ground. Ashley reportedly stated that the gun was fired because she had a mob of people coming at her.

Bear continued to investigate and reports that the crowd was becoming agitated because no one was being arrested and that they couldn’t get a deputy by calling 911.

One member of the crowd requested Sheriff Steve Kelley come to the scene.

Bear begin questioning Ashley again, who reportedly admitted to parking the black truck on the road. Bear seized Keeney’s weapons.

As deputies and Blackwell police continued to investigate, the Keeney’s reportedly went inside their home and locked the doors. Bear made the crowd evacuate fearing that a situation could be unfolding.  Deputies and police stayed on scene until 11:50 p.m.

The next day more statements were collected from those who had been present and Bear watched videos from the incident. Charges were requested related to the firing of the weapons, Keeney Jr. pointing a firearm at Mickey Weber, and Ashley pointing a gun at Kelley Horinek while he was crouched down by a vehicle.

The charges were filed on July 28. Both are free on $10,000 bond.