Five lawsuits filed against Affordable Dentures and Implants

August 23, 2023 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Five lawsuits are now filed in Kay County District Court against Affordable Dentures and Implants.

On Dec. 20, 2022, the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry filed a felony count of practicing dentistry without a license against Henry A. Miller, who was employed as a dental assistant at the denture business located at 503 north 14th Street in Ponca City.

Officials report that an investigation revealed that Miller did not have a dental assistant permit. 

The charge was filed and a warrant issued for his arrest. (see story)

After the story broke, patient Margaret Ann Dick filed a negligence suit against the business and dentist Christopher Ryan Bugg. (see story)

Then on May 9, Crystal Shannon Eads filed a negligence suit.

Eads claims in court documents that Miller advised her to have all of her teeth removed. 

Eads reportedly relied on Miller’s recommendation and underwent a procedure and received what is described in court documents as “ill-fitting implants.” Eads returned to the business and Miller made adjustments. As a result, Eads claims to have suffered severe discomfort and pain and will incur further substantial dental bills.

On May 22, three more lawsuits were filed.

Ponca City resident Brenda Tuck filed suit, claiming that in 2021 she visited the business because of pain in her back teeth. Miller reportedly consulted with her and advised her to have her teeth replaced with implants. Tuck claims that she never had the chance to discuss other options with Dr. Bugg. Tuck claims that she followed Miller’s advice and suffered extensive damage in the form of having teeth unnecessarily removed.

Ponca City resident Connie Stoddard filed a suit claiming that she visited the business in March of 2019.

Stoddard claims that Miller counseled her to get implants and arranged for financing. In November of 2020, Stoddard claims that she had upper implants installed. In May of 2021, Miller allegedly told her that it would be a good time to get lower implants and arranged for financing. Like Tuck, Stoddard claims she was never given the chance to look at other options with Dr. Bugg Stoddard claims that she suffered extensive damage in the form of having teeth unnecessarily removed.

Kremlin resident Jimmy Minter has also filed a suit. Minter claims that in April of 2021, he consulted with Miller about replacing six of his front teeth. Miller allegedly recommend that Minter have all his teeth pulled and replaced with implants. Minter also claims that he never had the chance to discuss options with Dr. Bugg and that he suffered extensive damage in the form of having teeth unnecessarily removed.

In addition the civil suits, RCB Bank has filed a civil judgement against Miller. According to court documents on March 2, Miller executed a loan in the amount of $51,801.33. Miller reportedly put up a 2018 Ford Expedition as collateral. The vehicle was repossessed and sold, leaving a balance of $28,857.81 as of Sept. 29, 2022.

Miller has yet to be arrested on his felony charge and the warrant is active. Anyone with information on Miller’s location is urged to contact authorities.