Fourth case filed against former Ponca Bowl co-owner

August 7, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A fourth criminal case has been filed in Kay County District Court against former Ponca Bowl co-owner Anthony Duane Diggs.

Diggs, 45, is accused of violating a protective order, that his wife put in place after he sent a bouquet of flowers containing marijuana to her; stalking a local attorney, and kidnapping and assaulting a woman.

Diggs was arrested and jailed in June on multiple charges. (see story)

On July 17, while incarcerated in the county jail, a felony count of computer fraud, unlawful use of a computer system was added to the list of charges.

Anthony Duane Diggs

District Attorney Agent Justin Crispin reports in the affidavit that he was notified by Agent Mike Garcia that Diggs had allegedly been using a county jail tablet to contact his wife via a third party.

Crispin reports that he logged into the jail log system and reportedly located where Diggs had contacted his brother and the woman he is accused of kidnapping.

Officials report that Diggs contacted his alleged kidnapping victim and asked her to contact his wife and ask for legal documents to his residence and to use the house as collateral for bond.

After finding the conversation, Crispin reportedly had Diggs pulled from his cell and advised him he was facing new charges.

Diggs reportedly admitted to the messages and said he did not use a computer to send them

Crispin advised Diggs that the tablet is a computer device.

Diggs was returned to his cell.

Crispin reports he went back to his office and saw that the jail log system updated. The update reportedly showed that Diggs sent a message to his alleged kidnapping victim asking her to contact attorney Jarrod Stevenson and to tell him that, “I did not kid nap you sweetie. I love you and am so much happier. I know it’s my fault. I got mad. But I did not do anything really you are amazing.”

Diggs is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in September.