NOC athletes earn Academic All-American honors

July 24, 2023 | Sports

TONKAWA —  Over 70 Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa and Enid athletes were named to the NJCAA Academic All-American Teams.

  Athletes received either 1st, 2nd or 3rd Team status based on their Grade point Averages for the 2022-23 academic year.

  “I am so proud of our student athletes for their academic accomplishments as well as their coaches for emphasizing the importance of performance in the classroom,” said athletic director Alan Foster.  We had eight out of 10 teams and 70 athletes recognized over two campuses which is outstanding.”

  “This shows the true meaning of STUDENT athlete.   Not every year will be successful in competition but every year can be successful in Academic Performance,” he added.

First team, 4.00 GPA

Lexi Albright, Women’s Soccer

Kaycee Babek, Women’s Softball-Enid

Brooklyn Bayless, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Lexie Boyer, Women’s Basketball-Tonkawa

Evan Casey, Baseball-Enid

Savannah Chenoweth, Softball-Tonkawa

Jaycee Foor, Softball-Enid

Anna Hester, Softball-Enid

Cash Jay, Baseball-Tonkawa

Ashlan Light, Softball-Enid

Marko Maderas, Men’s Soccer

Vanessa Markl, Women’s Soccer

Chloe Middleton, Softball-Enid

Sidney Redmon, Softball-Enid

Creed Smith, Baseball-Enid

Adelyn White, Softball-Enid

Heidi Wiedmeier, Women’s Soccer

Nate Windle, Baseball-Tonkawa

Sierra Woods, Softball-Enid

Rhylan Wright, Baseball-Tonkawa

Holden Yoder, Baseball-Enid

Libbi Zinn, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Second Team, 3.80 – 3.99 GPA

Aaron Baker, Baseball-Enid

Molly Dolan, Softball-Enid

Thomas Dunn, Baseball-Tonkawa

Kiara Franklin, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Gabriela Gonzales, Women’s Soccer

Allison Green, Women’s Basketball-Tonkawa

Corky Hall, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Cody Hill, Baseball-Tonkawa

Keely Hussey, Women’s Basketball-Tonkawa

Landri Hussey, Women’s Basketball-Tonkawa

Haiden Huster, Softball-Tonkawa

Josie Jarvis, Women’s Soccer

Jaci Johnson, Softball-Tonkawa

Preston Knott, Baseball-Tonkawa

Boris, Nguelle, Men’s Soccer

Jaycee Porter, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Kyle Roberts, Baseball-Enid

Zachary Roden, Baseball-Enid

Elizabeth Simpson, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Abbygayle Vargas, Women’s Soccer

Aydan Voitik, Baseball-Enid

Third Team, 3.60 – 3.79 GPA

Lewis Albert, Men’s Soccer

Karolina Arriaga, Women’s Soccer

Andrew Bowman, Baseball-Enid

Breck Carver, Baseball-Tonkawa

Zane Chavez, Baseball-Enid

Daniel Clarke, Men’s Soccer

Hannah Endicott, Softball-Tonkawa

Brooklynn Fleming, Softball-Enid

Cierra Gann, Women’s Soccer

David Garcia, Men’s Soccer

Naton Herchock, Baseball-Enid

Jordan Holman, Women’s Basketball-Tonkawa

Elijah Laus, Baseball-Tonkawa

Miles Lock, Baseball-Enid

Mitchell Lucero, Baseball-Tonkawa

Samantha Mendez, Women’s Soccer

Taryn Rhodes, Softball-Enid

Graeme Rios, Baseball-Tonkawa

Hailey Stage, Women’s Soccer

Aubrey Taylor, Women’s Basketball-Enid

Owen Tracy, Baseball-Enid

Madelyn Wehrenberg, Women’s Basketball-Tonkawa

Chloe Wilkins, Women’s Soccer

Kelly Yancy, Baseball-Tonkawa