Former Ponca Bowl co-owner facing various charges in Kay County District Court

July 12, 2023 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Former Ponca Bowl co-owner, Anthony Duane Diggs, 45, Ponca City, is facing an array of charges in Kay County District Court.

Diggs is accused of violating a protective order, that his wife had in place. He is accused of sending a bouquet of flowers with marijuana in it to her; stalking a local attorney, and kidnapping and assaulting a woman.

A fourth probable cause case is also filed.

Diggs and his wife filed for divorce on Jan. 2.

Ponca City police report that Diggs admitted to making a marijuana floral arrangement and having a female deliver it to his wife. He claimed he put the marijuana in it because she suffers from a medical condition. Police report that his wife said a lady with red hair and sores on her face delivered the item to her home and that she threw it away. On June 30 Diggs was charged with a felony count of distribution of a CDS, including possession with intent to distribute and a misdemeanor protective oder violation.

In the second case he is charged with a felony count of stalking.

Police report that he is accused of stalking attorney Grace Yates, who is representing his wife in the divorce. Police reportedly responded to the Holmes, Yates and Johnson Law Firm on May 2. There, Yates reportedly stated that Diggs has come to the firm’s parking lot at least two times taking photos. She reportedly told police that they have audio recordings of Diggs stating that he knows where they live.

She said that during a May 22 court hearing, Diggs reportedly told the court that she has been verified and reportedly stated “It is not everyday you are in court with a murderer.”

Attorney Jack Shears, who was representing Diggs in the divorce, reportedly told police that he told Diggs not to go to the law firm. Shears said he and his secretary, Kathleen Farris, watched Diggs go across the street to the firm. Shears said that he doesn’t think Diggs will hurt anyone but that he is trying to intimidate people. Farris reportedly told police that Diggs got mad at her because she wouldn’t tell him what vehicle Yates drives. She also reportedly called the law firm to let them know Diggs was going over there.

Witness Larry Bittman reportedly told police he was walking his dog in the law firm parking lot when he saw a vehicle stop and the passenger window roll down. Bittman said the passenger was a female and that the driver was a male who said he used to operate the bowling alley.

Diggs reportedly told Bittman about the divorce and that Shears was representing him. He allegedly said Shears was no good and that Yates was interfering in his life. Bittman said the female was taking photos of the license plates. Bittman said when attorney Rick Johnson came outside he left and later told Yates to be careful.

Johnson reportedly told police that he came outside and didn’t know who Diggs was at the time. He asked the pair what they were doing. Diggs reportedly told Johnson that someone from the firm was stalking him and that he was going to find out who and take care of it.

Paralegal Mandy Hibbits reportedly told police that Diggs called the office and stated that he had verified all of the employees tag numbers and addresses.

Alyssa Holloway, who works at the firm, reportedly told police that on May 23, she was leaving the office and saw Diggs standing in the former Ponca Bowl parking lot. She reportedly said that Diggs was watching her, so she called the office and told them to lock the doors.

Witness Earl Behara, reportedly told police he was working at the former Ponca Bowl building when Diggs approached and stated he used to own it. Diggs asked to see inside. Behara said Diggs stepped inside the building, took a look and said, “I don’t want to see anymore.” Diggs reportedly left sobbing.

Police report that on May 23, Diggs went to the police department to turn himself in. Officers told Diggs that he was not under arrest and presented him a document concerning the alleged stalking activity against Yates. Diggs reportedly said Yates is stalking him. He reportedly talked about his military service and being accused of killing people in Iraq. He reportedly spoke about people including officers being scared of him. Police report that they have viewed six videos of Diggs in the law firm parking lot.

In the third case, Diggs is facing a felony count of kidnapping and misdemeanor counts of domestic abuse, assault and battery and threaten to perform act of violence.

Police report he is accused of holding a female against her will at his home on north Sunset for at least six days and assaulting her.

The woman reportedly told police that on June 23, she was walking north on Third Street, from Albany Ave. when Diggs reportedly came up behind her and pulled her into his vehicle. He reportedly said he wanted to apologize and that he was taking her to a park to talk. Instead he took her to his home, where she was allegedly held against her will.

When she asked to leave, Diggs reportedly would not let her and took her phone.

The woman reportedly told police that she believed that he was going to kill her. She said that during this time, Diggs ripped her down from a bannister onto the ground, ripped her pants off and threatened to rape her.  She alleges that he dragged her up the steps and onto the back porch and punched her in the back of the head. The woman reportedly told police, that Diggs’ roommate Chase Russell was present and asked if she was okay.

Diggs reportedly told his roommate that the female was lying and that he was going to kill her. The female told police that Russell talked him down, left but then came back and told them to give each other five minutes to calm down. She reportedly told police that Diggs denied her food.

On June 28, he gave the woman her phone back and she texted her son for help. Her son called police and officers responded to the home.

Patrol officer Amy Ballinger reports in the affidavit that when she arrived, Diggs had the front door locked and yelled at her through the window.

Ballinger told him to come outside. She reports that he had to use a tool to get the front glass door open. He confirmed to police that the woman was inside and said they could call her phone and that if she wanted to talk, she could. Ballinger reportedly asked him to unlock the front door. Police made contact with the female and report she had a head injury. Police report they have not been able to locate Russell.

Diggs is being held in the county jail on $110,000 bond. He is scheduled for a court appearance on July 21 in the probable cause case and is set for a status docket on Aug. 4 in the other cases.