First responder training scenario held at Ponca Lake

May 24, 2023 | Featured|Headlines|Police

PONCA LAKE — First responders from across the area took part in a training scenario today at Ponca Lake.

The training incident included shooting victims and a hostage scenario.

Sheriff Steve Kelley said that first responders started the day at 7:30 a.m. with a scenario of a homicide in Kildare.

The scenario based suspect took a hostage and went to Ponca Lake where officials located the stolen vehicle and victims on a shoreline.

First responders including EMS personnel performed water extractions and triage on the wounded. 

As the wounded were being treated, drones were launched to seek out the scenario based suspect’s location and hostage.

The scenario took law enforcement to the Ponca Bowmen Archery Range, where the scenario based suspect was holding the hostage in a barricaded location.

After four hours the scenario ended with an arrest and the hostage released.

Undersheriff Sean Grigsba said the the training was a success and that valuable skills were practiced and learned.

“Myself and Ponca City Police Team Commander Josh Henderson started planning this in March,” said Grigsba.

“Josh and I devised this large-scale scenario with multiple training objectives, and through the course of the day, all of the objectives, plus many more that we weren’t expecting, were met. All of the agencies came together in an exceptional manner that far exceeded anything that we had planned for. To say I’m pleased with how the day went would be an understatement,” said Grigsba. “Josh and I are already working on the next one. None of this would have been possible with out the total cooperation of all the agencies involved.”

Some of the skills reviewed in the scenario are: Small Team Movement, Large Team Movement, Joint Agency Movement, Hostage negotiations and De-escalation.

Agencies that took part in the training exercise are: Kay County Sheriff’s Department; Ponca City Police; Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations; Oklahoma Highway Patrol; Eighth District Attorney Task Force; Oklahoma Game Wardens; Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics; Mediflight; Ponca City Fire; Heartland Medical Direction; Blackwell fire and police, and Kay County Emergency Management.