First responder training exercise set for Wednesday

May 22, 2023 | Headlines|Police

LAKE PONCA  — Kay County Sheriff Steve Kelley said today that first responders from across the county will participate in a training exercise beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday on the sail boat side of Ponca Lake.

“This means that throughout the day you could see many different types of emergency vehicles in the area of Ponca Lake, The Frisbee Golf course and the Archery Range,” said Kelley. “There could be patrol cars, firetrucks, ambulances, watercraft, ATV’s and even aircraft of various forms. You might hear police radios, simulated gunfire, or maybe even some diversion devises we use. Please don’t be alarmed. It is only training and it is all planned.”

Kelley said as a result of the exercise, traveling the area of L.A. Cann and Prentice Road and the Hartford Longwood area may be difficult. 

“We we will have many things happening in that area. There will be barricades set up and we ask that you please do not move or go around them.” Those with questions can call the sheriff’s office at 580-362-3250.