New York man faces kidnapping charges in Kay County District Court

March 23, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A court date is set for a Brooklyn, New York, man charged with kidnapping and domestic abuse in Kay County District Court.

Diyorbek Matyakubov, 24, was arrested by Tonkawa police on Feb. 26 at the Pilot Flying J Truck Stop located on west South Ave. 

Police report that officers responded to a report of a male throwing a female subject into a semi and hitting her.

Diyorbek Matyakubov

Tonkawa and Fort Oakland police officers arrived and made contact with the 20-year-old Russian female.

Officers report that she did not speak good English and used to text to communicate.

She reportedly communicated to officers that nothing happened and that Matyakubov was her husband. She asked that police leave them alone.

Officers report that Matyakubov had scratches on his back and on the front of his neck, some of which were bleeding.

He reportedly told police that he got jealous over something and that she tried to hug him and he pushed her away.

A witness reportedly told police that the female was trying to walk across the road when the male grabbed her and dragged her back to the truck, threw her inside, took his shirt off and started hitting her. Police arrested Matyakubov and he was booked in the county jail. He was later released on $25,000 bond.