Kay County warrant list 2019-23

March 14, 2023 | Courts|Police

NEWKIRK — The following is a list of subjects who have active warrants in Kay County as of March 14.

District Attorney Brian Hermanson encourages those with warrants to resolve the issue.

“The resolving of any warrants as soon as possible is something that everyone should do,” he said. “If you came in contact with law enforcement, whether for a speeding ticket, a faulty light, or for any other reason, the officer or deputy will check to see if you have an outstanding warrant. If you do you will be taken to jail immediately and held until either bond is posted or until you can appear before a judge. If you arrested on a weekend that might mean you spend the weekend in jail. Please take care of any outstanding warrant immediately. After you are arrested is way too late.”

Active felony warrants issued between Jan. 1, 2019 -March 14, 2023.

Michell Lee Bonham, 38, Wichita, Kan. grand larceny. (see story)

Timothy Dewayne Leister, 42, Ponca City, felony count of assault and battery on police officer and three misdemeanor charges.

Megan Lyn Logan, 31, Wichita, Kan. child abuse by injury. (see story)

Quaderious Keyon Lyles, 22, Phenix City, Ala., felony count of unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Mark Anthony Nolan, 65, Houston, Texas, falsely personate another to create liability.

Melissa Ellen Parker, 41, Bauxite, Arizona. possession of a firearm after conviction and DUI of drugs.

Braden Louis Washa, 24, Ponca City, falsely personating another to create liability.

Anais Longoria, 33, Ponca City, child abuse. (see story)

Angela Marie McCauley, 51, Ponca City, grand larceny. (see story)

Jackie Don Morgan, 43, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Jose Guadalupe Paez, 50, Ponca City, home repair fraud. (see story)

James Paul Pomerantz, 33, Wichita, Kan., child abuse by injury. (see story)

Whitney Erin Roberts, 34, Ponca City, larceny from a house.

Sarah Jean Bates, 35, Oklahoma City, child abuse. (see story)

Stephen Alan Bowen, 68, Spiro, lewd acts to a child under 16. (see story)

Toni Lynn Soutter, 38, Ponca City, falsely personate another.

Bart Courtney Cline, 38, Pond Creek, domestic assault.

Stephanie Joe Mehojah, 34, Norman, larceny of a vehicle.

Joshua Donald Pursley, 31, Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liability.

George Charles Schroeder, 26, Ponca City, DUI third felony.

Amber Kay Ahrens, 43, Kingman, Kan. trafficking in illegal drugs. (see story)

Brenda Fay Cornwell, 54, domestic abuse.

John Adam Haley, 29, Brighton, Colo., assault and battery on an EMT.

Kenneth J. Barker, 42, Fort Smith, Ark., unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Peter Campos, 28, Ponca City, malicious injury to property over $1,000. (see story)

Victor Robert Haskins, 54, Newton, Kan., making threats to injure or intimidate by use of explosives. (see story)

Jalen Jason Haywood, 27, feloniously pointing a firearm.

Joshua Wilson Jamerson, 33, Oklahoma City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Brian Thomas Martin, 30, Wichita, Kan., first degree burglary.

Manuel G. Nunez, 24, Ponca City, conspiracy.

Emery Todd Ochoa, 37, Ponca City, DUI.

Triet Tran, 32, Wichita, Kan., conspiracy to deliver a CDS.

Lamione Jean Wilkey, 26, Fairfax, falsely personate another to create liability. (see story)


Deajuan Deoan Dabney, 23, Eastborough, Kan., kidnapping. (see story)

Allen Ray Easter, 32, Ponca City, sex offender residing with children. Bind endorsed at $500.

Justin Edward Fletcher, 39, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

Christopher Austin Keelin, 31, Ponca City, burglary.

Aleksandr Kirichenko, 34, New Orleans, La., endangering others while eluding. (see story)

Hicks Arthur Lambring, 53, Ponca City, aggravated assault and battery.

Jacob Wayne Leming, 27, Ponca City, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Christian Robert Lewellen, 40, Denver, DUI, second and subsequent charge.

Rhea Ashlie Cochran, 31, Arkansas City, Kan., possession of a CDS.

Samuel Carrera Corza, 29, Arkansas City, Kan. drug charges.

Michael Todd Glass, 55, Bossier City, La., domestic.

Kierra Michell Jones, 30, Wichita Falls, Texas, outraging public decency.

Victor Recardo Sandoval, 24, Tulsa, grand larceny.

Melissa Alice Tosh, 55, Ponca City, larceny from a house.

Tony Dequinn Alvarez, 35 Ponca City, falsely personate another to create liability.

Bradford Amos Cody Jr., 36, Lehigh, Kan., knowingly receiving stolen property.

Xavier Cries For Ribs, 21, Aranas Pass, Texas, possession of stolen vehicle.

Devin Laurence Hanes, 30, Ponca City, first degree burglary.

Brandon Christopher Ledford, 25, Salem, South Carolina, kidnapping.

Hunter Michael Noble, 21, Ponca City, possession of stolen vehicle.

Albert Lee Perry, 77, Ponca City, lewd or indecent acts to a child under 12.

Alfred Berry Wellington, 63, Casa Grande, Arizona, larceny of an automobile and eluding police.

Michael Gordon Williams, 33, Red Rock, possession stolen vehicle.


Dona Louise Cloud, 61, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Lewis Hochine Harrison, 27, Ponca City, assault and battery upon police.

Andrea Evette Holt, 48, Ponca City, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Harley Ernest Zornes, 29, Blackwell, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Matthew Scott Braden, 21, Wichita, Kan., larceny of an automobile.

John Wayne Covey, 56, Enid, second degree forgery.

Alexis Nichole Crow, 29, Wichita, Kan.

Kandi Shalin Garrison, 32, Stillwater, felony value, of two or more bogus checks.

Lance Avery Langley, 35, Derby, Kan., larceny of merchandise. (see story)

Lorie Ann Powell, 52, DUI of drugs. (see story)

Lakota Rein Tripp, 24, Wichita, Kan., larceny of an automobile.

Roger Wayne Berry, 46, Ponca City, possession of firearms after conviction.

Heather Dawn Carwee, 34, Winfield, Kan. unlawful possession of controlled drug.

Duane Lee Oakes, 51, Ponca City, possession of stolen vehicle.

Angelita Therese Overland, 39, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Thaddeus Popplewell, 42, Wichita, Kan. falsely personate another to create liability.

Jennifer Lynn Primeaux, 40, Costa Mesa, Calif. Harboring a fugitive.

Daisy Jo Whitebuffalo, 27, Ponca City, assault and battery on an EMT.

Antonio Eduardo Garcia, 37, Ponca City, domestic abuse.

Justin Henry Lee Honshul, 40, Ponca City, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Summerly Dawn Julien, 36, Taft, larceny.

Brittany Nicole Martin, 32, Arkansas City, Kan., domestic abuse.

Keri Lee McClung, 29, Blackwell, child neglect. 

Jenna Leigh Moncayo, 36, Katy, Texas.

Christopher Wayne Nickles, 49, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery.

Lamont Warrior, 34, Ponca City, burglary.

Bradley Austin Butter, 34, Ponca City, child endangerment permitting abuse. (see story)

Jennifer Michele Chandler, 39, Ponca City, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Dakota Michael Huff, 25, Winfield, Kan., burglary.

Garrett Lee Vanzee, 48, Ponca City, DUI.

Wiliam Anthony Williams, 37, Wewoka, uttering a forged instrument.

Daniel Dominquez-Flores, 28, Yukon, unlawful possession of CDS with intent. 

Christina Rose Montgomery, 25, Ponca City, indecent exposure.

Cheyanne Autumn Warner, 31, Niotaze, Kan. unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Matthew George Buffalohead, 42, Tonkawa, domestic abuse.

Caleb Joel McClendon, 23, Sapulpa, falsely personate another.

Timothy David McKay, 55, Ponca City, eluding police. 

Bradley Dewain Adkins, 34, Ponca City, false impersonation.

William Lee Ball, 42, Ponca City , bail jumping.

Jaclyn Louis Brooks, 30, Valley Center, Kan.

Donta Michael Burkholder, 24, Andrews, Texas. Unauthorized use of motor vehicle. (see story)

Manuel Juan Caldera Jr., 55, Moore, forgery.

Kyle James Cox, 37, Ponca City, burglary.

Alexis Gallegos, 29, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Piper Mya Angelina M. Ingram, 44, Seminole, obtaining property by fraud.

Christoper Dale Kerstein, 45, Covington, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Deonicio Ybarra Pena III, 46, Oklahoma City, larceny.

Curtis Grant Rhodd, 36, Ponca City, assault.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez, 43, Minneapolis, Minn.

Garrett Lydell Thompson, 34, Florence, Arizona. domestic abuse.

Vanessa Ann Wilson, 45, Ponca City, burglary.

Donald Lional Crombie, 59, Newton, Kan. firearm charge.

Timothy Junior Green, 51, Ponca City, assault, concealing stolen property.

Amberley Gayle Powell, 46, Tulsa, conspiracy.

Francisco Roman III, 41, Ponca City, larceny.

Leah Shea Cheramie, 39, Stillwater, bail jumping.

Bradley Wayne Green, 38, Ponca City, burglary. (see story)

Edwin Lee Marshall, 48, Ponca City, grand larceny.

Sara Diane McCoy, 45, Ponca City, conspiracy.

Justin Allen Orndoff, 32, Kingfisher, bail jumping.

Blane Kathryn Traxler, 40, Effingham, Ill. drug charges.

Jacob Rodolfo Aguirre, 31, Wichita, Kan., burglary.

Katarina Passow, 31, Winfield, Kan., child neglect.

Teddy Eugene Sutton, 75, Ponca City, stalking.

Darin Shane Webster, 41, Ponca City, sending obscene material. (see story)

Danette Lynn White, 51, Ardmore, burglary.

Michael John Allen, 40, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Kevin Dale Anderson, 51, Ponca City, drug charges.

John Hardy Bryant, 49, Ponca City, possession of firearm.

Delarick Willam Evans, 47, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Cesar Hernandez, 44, Wichita, Kan., sexual battery. (see story)

Frank Chandler Burns, 34, Ponca City, grand larceny.

Ryan Leroy Jolly, 41, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Christi Dianne Rhodd, 42, Blackwell, unlawful use of a computer to defraud. (see story)

Jaclyn Louis Brooks, 29, Valley Center, Kan. conspiracy.

Justin Alan Burton, 42, Ponca City, unlawful removal of a dead body.

Destiny Mieshia Livingstone, 39, Wichita, Kan. child neglect.

Shaloo Nolan Thicknail, 41, Ponca City, assault with a dangerous weapon.

Christian N. Vice, 23, third degree.

Joseph Warren Wiley, 35, Tulsa, conspiracy.

Darrick Adam Willis, 36, Newkirk, bail jumping.

Kenneth Jacob Witte, 36, Dewey, possession stolen vehicle.

Mark Aaron Delaney, 50, Ponca City, firearms charges.

Gunnar Clark Ewing, 24, Dodson, Texas, bogus check con game.

David Lee Harris, 44, Talihina, larceny.

Jerance Dane Heintz, 21, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Jeffrey Dean Strange, 40, Arkansas City, Kan., possession of firearm and CDS.

Ponca Child Chief Warrior, 45, Ponca City, assault and battery.

Sheryl Louise Carney, 40, Ponca City, conspiracy.

Ryan Wayne Ford, 32, Ponca City, leaving the scene of an injury accident.

Brandon D. Juarez, 41, Blackwell, lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16.

Stephens Nickole Piro, 27, Blackwell, burglary.

Andrew Braden Prince, 22, Blackwell, burglary.

Dakota Lee Smith, 22, Ponca City, falsely impersonate another.

Clifford Leon Barney, 54, Arkansas City, Kan., falsely represent self as bail enforcer.

Karl Kayondre Dean, 20, Liberal, Kan. assault.

Coleen Rene Dixon, 42, Burleson, Texas, burglary.

Richard Aaron Hoffer, 47, Wichita, Kan., possession of stolen vehicle.

Justin Don Leiby, 31, Ponca City, embezzlement.

Richard Loeak, 41, Ponca City, burglary.

Christopher Michael Maynard, 36, Tulsa, use of a stolen credit card.

Nina Lucille Perez, 48, Ponca City, assault.

Stephen Nickole Piro, 27, Blackwell, injuring a public building.

Camille Michelle Rowe, 39, Oklahoma City, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Marlena Sue Warrior, 36, Ponca City, burglary.

Sara S. Whitley, 36, Ponca City, child neglect.

Chris Dykgraaf, 42, Blue Mound, Texas, obtaining property by trick or deception.

Eustorgio Hernandez, 47, Denton, Texas. DUI.

Stephen Matthew Kite, 50, Broken Arrow, possession of a credit card.

Joeston Lator, 36, Ponca City, DUI.

Darwin Justin McConnell, 31, Billings, conspiracy.

Donald Lional Crombie, 58, Newton, Kan. bail jumping.

Theodore Herrick, 60, Ponca City, malicious injury to property.

Delano Frank Kemble, 35, Ponca City, assault on a police officer.

Albert Littlevoice Jr., 41, Ponca City, robbery.

Darrel Heath Thomas, 51, Joplin, Mo., obtain property by trick or deception.

Jacob Leroy Alexander Wiggins, 27, Blackwell, carrying a weapon where alcohol is served.

Jeffery Wayne Ball, 51, Oswego, Kan., use of forged credit card.

Kevin Charles Fell, 49, Wichita, Kan., possession of contraband by an inmate.

Andrew Patrick Johnson, 33, Winfield, Kan. second degree rape. (see story)

Kristin Nicole Kelly, 39, Blackwell, damage to a public building.

Charity Melane Kropp, 35, Winfield, Kan. concealing stolen property.

Christopher Wayne Laviolette, 38, Blackwell, rape. (see story)

Jason Michael Markey, 43, Stillwater, endangering others while eluding.

Hugo Robert Rodas, 27, Ponca City, causing bodily injury while eluding police.

Ashley Nicole Smith, 20, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Teshia Wiley, 33, Wichita, Kan. drug charges.

Matthew Irving Crowley, 31, Wichita, Kan. larceny of merchandise.

Alex B. Foreman, 23, Ponca City, forgery.

Caster Isaiah, 42, child endangerment.

Austin Andes, 38, Winfield, Kan., conspiracy.

Lual Bol Bol, 37, assault on a jail employee.

Candice Renee Cross, 26, Ponca City, conspiracy.

Eric Jason Engles, 47, Ponca City, assault.

Della Alexander Dawn Grant, 34, Duncan, injuring a public building.

Cole Allen Hubbard, 31, Winfield, Kan., larceny.

Anthony Quinn Loper, 40, Quitman, Mississippi, grand larceny.

Darrel Richard Rhodd, 63, Ponca City, obtaining money by confidence game.

Michael Scott Smith, 59, embezzlement of rented property.

Christopher Paul Debelle, 29, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Amanda Lee Dooley, 42, Blackwell, possession of stolen vehicle.

Kimberly Sue Harjo, 27, Tonkawa, child neglect.

Killisou Imi, 34, Arkansas City, Kan., DUI.

Charles Langford III, 36, Oakfield, Georgia.

Devin Michael McClain, 25, Nevada, Texas, domestic assault.

William Joseph McDonald, 34, Blackwell, failure to register as a sex offender.

Clinton Albert Primeaux, 38, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Dereck Paul Burton, 42, Ponca City, drug and firearm charges.

Melissa Ann Nelson, 36, Oklahoma City, larceny.

Matthew James Ramagli, Valley Center, Kan., 39, burglary.

Paul Homer Roberts, 62, Ponca City, larceny of lost property.

Aaron Marcus Willoughby, 37, Bethany, drug charge.

Tanner Edward Wise, 35, Oklahoma City, conspiracy.

Jose Luis Barajas, 47, Kaw City, drug trafficking.

Billy Allen Belair, 43, Arkansas City, Kan. malicious injury to property.

Catlynn Irene Duncan, 24, Blackwell, harboring a fugitive.

Daniel Loren Samford, 39, Tulsa, assault and battery.

Brandon Lee Criner, 26, Stillwater, eluding.

Timber Dawn Mauk, 27, Ponca City, burglary.

Louis Eliot Rinn, 26, Auburn, Cailf.

Krystal Rosborough, 38, Ponca City, use of forged or revoked credit card.

Jon Barry Williams, 75, Ponca City, bail jumping.


Butch Lee Baker, 55, Oklahoma City, rape and lewd acts to a child under 16.

Karrie Hemro-Brown, 33, Ponca City, child neglect.

Blake Houston Plunkett, 38, kidnapping.

Hậu Trung Tran, 36, Wichita, Kạn. burglary.

Kevin Patrick Roberts, 47, Oologah, grand larceny.

Cassandra Alicia Bereman, 39, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Sharlyn Sharday Butler, 35, Oklahoma City, bail jumping.

Laron Eric Walker, 39, Yale, Ill., domestic assault.

Tori Louise Bryant, 32, Oklahoma City, bail jumping.

Marissa Renee Dole, 34, Newkirk, domestic abuse.

Chennea Yvette McIntosh, 44, domestic abuse.

Johnny Douglas Rivers, 52, Ponca City, drug charges.

Brian Glen Winters, 33, Newkirk, neglect by caretaker.

Baptiste Emerson Boice, 38, Pawnee, failure to register as a sex offender.

Garrett Evin Fink, 27, Ponca City, kidnapping.

Charles Allen Hail, 42, Ponca City, bail jumping.

Jamel Ray McBride, 37, Tonkawa, domestic abuse.

Jeffery Thomas Roberts, 44, Perkins, concealing stolen property. (see story)

Christopher David Sitsler, 31, Arkansas City, Kan., larceny.

Jamie Dylane Thedford, 40, Billings, child neglect.

Matthew McKay Curran, 48, Kearney, Neb., DUI drugs.

Hwa Chun Dodson, 74, Wichita, Kan. larceny.

Hugo Francisco Gutierrez, 32, Ponca City, DUI.

Cody James Ward, 35, Kaw City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Matthew Wayne Dodds, 21, Ponca City, conspiracy.

Brandon Keith Tsosie Sr., 51 Ponca City, person involved in accident while DUI.

Brandon Charles Roughface, 40, Ponca City, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Brandi Davidson, 46, Waxahachie, Texas, bogus check game.

Edgar E. Herrera, 43, Bail jumping.

Thomas Eric Meadows, 44, Hot Springs, Ark., possession of a firearm.

Yaumora Nasha Denson, 38, Ponca City, exploitation of an elderly person.

Heather Lee Eggleston, 31, Ponca City, burglary.

Crystal Diana Hall, 40, Hominy, bail jumping.

Cheyenne Rose Stephens, 25, child neglect.

Alexis Lindsey, 24, Ponca City, child neglect.

Hugh Isaac Pelts, 47, Kaw City, drug charges.

Audrey Lynette Dozier, 38, Blackwell, conspiracy.

Steven Arthur Shane Holland, 27, Blackwell, bail jumping.

Katheryn Dawn Loveall, 25, Hutchinson, Kan., concealing stolen property.

John Edward McIntosh, 34, Ponca City, larceny of an auto.

Henry A. Miller, 35, Blackwell, practicing dentistry with out a license. (see story)

Liana Moldovan, 33, larceny.

Kelsey Lee Nichols, 31, Ponca City, cruelty to animals. (see story)

Romeo Sava, 36, larceny.

Abraham Valero, 34, Arkansas City, Kan. make and or sell false ID cards.

iPhone Cases

Eisabella Dominga Quilimaco, 22, Ponca City assault.

Lacey Lynn Robbins, 34, Ponca City, conspiracy. (see story)

Dorvan James McKay, 36, Fort American, S.D., assault.