Marriages and Divorces Jan. 30-March 6

March 6, 2023 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Those who have filed for marriage or divorce in Kay County District Court Jan. 30-March 6.


Michelle Marie Beecher, and Amber Danielle Gonzales

William James Taylor McDonald, and Leslie Nicole Hanna.

Cody Don King and Emily Denise Swopes.

Landon Ryan Long and Haley Louise Herren.

Wade Kenneth Ballagh and Katzee Rochelle Reese.

Jesse Dale McPeak and Deely Teeynell Hubbard.

Jose Manuel Corona and Chastity Sue Ligons.

Ira David Mallory and Janice Leigh Copeland Stone.

Keith Wayne Slavin and Georgina Callshim.

Valencia Jesus Alejandro Barajas and Elsa Viridiana Morales Figueroa Morales.

Michaela Renee Combs and Monet Sue Gabrielle Watson.

Manuel Alejandro Mendoza Donan.

Ryan Matthew Webb and Natalie Lynn Grubbs.

Daniel William Ring Schumm and Hope Elisabeth Willis.

Kaitlyn Hope Anderson and Westen Clair Vincent.

Richard Wayland Ray and Lacy Laverne Wilson.

Trey Kristofer Starn and Brooke Elizabeth Sue M. Melius.

Kaden Wyatt Boatman and Emma Nicole Davis.

Robert Allen Streeter and Brenda Kay Long.


Franklin James Blakley and Heather Lynn Blakley.

Jessica Lynn Smith and Marc Ryan Smith.

Ross Brent Bannister and Amanda Annette Bannister.

Stephanie Ann Guyette and David Joseph Guyette.

Sara Renee Lee and Dalton Alexander Lee.

Carter Austin Layman and Madison A. Layman.

Jenae Lynn Stephens and Jesse Garrett Stephens.

Lysetta Earliene Powell and Elvin Powell.

Marcie Howey and Dewayne E. Howey.

Penny Sue Northcutt and Roy Dwaine Northcutt.

Courtney Taylor Means and Andrew Kyle Means.

Zibiah Elisabet Mendoza and Christopher Lee Musselman.

Robert Lee Siler and Lindsay Marvell Siler.

Justin Scott Zuffa and Misty Dawn Zuffa.

Vicky Lee Ewing and Leonard Paul Ewing.

Lindsey Raye Perkins and Kristopher Michael Perkins.

Crystal D. Oakes and Jason Oakes.

Christina Joy White and Cody John White.

Timothy Justin Braden and Chelsiann Maxine Braden.

Randi R. Easley and Cody Chance Easley.

Mallory Glover and Joshua David Glover.

Patrick Duane Wheeler and Shannon Renee Wheeler.

Delia Plascencia Salcedo and Natalee Rae Plascencia.

Sarah Lynn Taylor and Charles Harvey Robert Taylor.

Holly Jeanelle Waller and Jeffrey Lee Wallen.