Ponca City Animal Control achieves no kill threshold

January 25, 2023 | Featured|Headlines

PONCA CITY — City Manager Craig Stephenson addressed city commissioners Monday night during the regular board meeting about the number of animals released from animal control in 2022.

Stephenson shared the 2022 year end results for Animal Control at the Northern Oklahoma Regional Animal Care Facility.

“They are good,” said Stevenson. “We had a goal of establishing a no kill facility by 2025. They have worked extremely hard with The Northern Oklahoma Humane Society.”

Stevenson said a total of 899 animals were received at animal control in 2022 and that 824 were released.

“So we released 91.7 percent and euthanized 8.3 percent. To be a no kill facility you release 90 percent of your animals so we have met that threshold.”

Stevenson acknowledged the hard work of staff and volunteers Rhea Jones and Terri Ward.

“I know that they are big in the cat placement which has always been a problem. We are excited about these numbers and they have worked hard.”

The numbers broken down into cats and dogs shows that 652 dogs were received and 58 euthanized while 247 cats were received and 230 released with 17 euthanized.

Commissioner Rob Bodick asked if most of the animals euthanized were diseased.

“Most of them are going to be diseased or vicious,” said Stevenson.

Stephenson also told commissioners that Christmas Tree mulch will be available beginning Jan. 26. He noted that the Senior Resource Network of Northern Oklahoma will present the Seasons of Aging – ICE (In Case of Emergency) binder information on Jan. 28 beginning at  11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the First Presbyterian Church, 1505 east Grand Ave. “It is going to be important information to have in case of emergency,” he said.

Also noted is that an overview of the City of Ponca City’s budget calendar and annual planning process will be reviewed during the Feb. 6 City Commission work session.

Approved resolutions include one waiving City Code Sec. 7-1-4 (Number of Garage Sales in a Given Year) for a City-Wide Garage Sale Day on April 22 and waiving the $5 permit fee in conjunction with the City’s Annual Spring Cleanup which will be held April 22-29.

A resolution, waiving the connection fee for a new water meter serving the Ponca City Soccer Complex, 4134 Lake Road, was pulled by the City Commission from the consent agenda in order to be placed on a future agenda.

To watch the entire meeting click here.