Jail bookings Jan. 9-17

January 18, 2023 | Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked in the county jail Jan. 9-17 include: 

Toby John Alexander, 30, Ponca City, drug charges.

Deon James Anderson, 30, Coyle, DUI.

Brittany Suzann Bagnell, 34, Oklahoma City, driving with suspended license.

Noah Jack Ballard, 20, DUI and minor in possession of alcohol.

Justin Beamer, 49, Arkansas City, Kan.

William Martin Benzing, 24, Ponca City, burglary charges.

Levi Eugene Biggoose, 54, Ponca City, kidnapping.

Lesley Boswell, 41, Enid, Garfield County hold.

Ryan Keith Brown, 49, Blackwell, domestic assault.

Darlena Ray Buffalohead, 44, Ponca City, aggravated DUI.

Jordan Randeen Clark, 20, Tonkawa, child neglect.

Kassie Lynn Caldwell, 41, Newkirk, transfers firearm to a felon, intoxicated or disturbed person.

Martezz Jay Carnes, 20, Ponca City, use of forged, revoked or stolen credit card, access computer system or network with unlawful intent.

Jerry Ross Cawood, 42, Ponca City, drug charges.

Michael Aaron Delano, 32, Marland, DUI.

Nathan Isaiah Delano, 48, Pawnee, operating auto without a license.

Shawn Dewell Michael, 24, Tonkawa, leaving scene of an accident, assault and battery.(see story)

Tyler Wayne Ford, 31, Newkirk, carry or possess a firearm by a convicted felon.

Michael James Hartshorn, 35, Ponca City, Montgomery County, Kan. hold.

Shaobo He, 25, cultivation of controlled dangerous, manufacture controlled substance, trafficking in illegal drugs. (see story)

Joel Dylan Hembree, 31, Tonkawa, domestic assault and battery.

Aaron Lopez-Hernandez, 33, Ponca City, domestic assault.

Jamie Daniele Hilton, 38, Ponca City, obtaining money and or property or signature under false pretenses.

Xudang Huan, 34, Ponca City, cultivation of CDS and trafficking in illegal drugs. (see story)

Marriane Qi Jiang, 56, Ponca City, trafficking in illegal drugs (see story)

Wei Ming Jiang, 56, Ponca City, trafficking in illegal drugs. (see story)

Chelsea Anne Jolly, 34, Ponca City, drug trafficking in illegal drugs and firearm charge.

May Lam, 52, Trafficking in illegal drugs. (see story)

Lillie Pearl Liebes, 57, Wichita, Kan. domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Xiao Lin, 49, Oklahoma City, cultivation of CDS (see story)

Keenan Amir Love, 37, Tulsa, Bridgeway hold.

Sharon Shaelene McConnell, 32, tonkawa, use of forged revoked or stolen credit card.

Cassidy Jean McEntire, 21, Burbank, obtaining money property or signature under false pretenses.

Dakota Lee Miner, 24, Ponca City, grand larceny.

Kagen Thomas Nichols, 27, Webb City, possession of a CDS.

Bryan D. Page, 55, Locust Grove, embezzlement of property.

Rodney Peck, 32, Arkansas City, Kan. obstructing officer.

Thomas Merrill Prickett, 37, Palm Coast, Florida. possession of CDS.

Trey Richard Robbins, 35, domestic assault and stolen property charges.

Carlos Adolfo Roblez, 37, Ponca City, grand larceny.

Conrad Sweetwater, 42, Wichita, Kan. possession of CDS.

Christopher James Tarrant, 27, Arkansas City, Kan. Osage County hold.

Louis Daniel Tatum, 56, Dallas, Texas, DUI.

Austin Michael William Tice, 20, endangering others while eluding police.

Dustin Dewayne Toney, 23, Blackwell, malicious injury to property, larceny from a house, domestic assault and battery and burglary. (see story)

Zachery Lee Tyler, 26, domestic abuse in presence, burglary, aggravated.

Lee Douglas Wesbrook, 59, Ponca City, seat belt violations.

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