New TA Express planned for Tonkawa

January 15, 2023 | Featured|Headlines

TONKAWA — A new TA Express franchise is planned for Tonkawa, located off of I-35 on U.S. 60 across from the Tonkawa Casino.

The new TA Express franchise location will reportedly feature 35 truck parking spaces, a driver’s lounge, showers, and laundry facilities. Integrated food services including Stuckey’s, Dunkin’, and Baskin Robbins. Also, provide travel center customers with a full offering of established national brands. Fuel is provided through Phillips 66.

A press release issued in October stated that planned amenities will include:

• Gasoline with eight fueling positions

• Truck diesel with four fueling positions

• Approximately 70 truck parking spaces

• Approximately 50 car parking spaces

• Four showers

• Driver’s lounge

• Laundry facilities

• CAT Scale

• Two quick-service restaurants

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