Warrants issued in Newkirk animal cruelty case

December 12, 2022 | Courts

UPDATE: Sentencing deferred

NEWKIRK — On Dec. 11, Gottfried entered guilty pleas to the charges and sentencing is deferred for one year. On Jan. 29, 2024, Tyler was convicted of the offense and sentencing is deferred for one year.

NEWKIRK — Warrants are issued for Sandra Gail Tyler, 72, Perry, and Randy Terry Gottfried, 66, Newkirk, by the Kay County District Court.

Both are facing felony counts of cruelty to animals.

Newkirk police officer Shannese Herrick reports in the affidavit that on June 24, she responded to a request for a welfare check on Tyler, who was believed to be at a residence in the 100 block of north Walnut.

Upon arrival the officer reportedly discovered black wire crates filled with cats and dogs in the back yard.

Herrick reports there was a black dog with two puppies that were in distress and had matted eyes. Also, three kennels containing multiple sick cats were found.

The officer reports a total of 13 cats and three dogs were found all in bad condition. Two of the cats escaped.

Herrick contacted police chief Kevin Main and then called two residents including a firefighter to bring a truck to help confiscate the animals.

Police reportedly made entry into the home to try and locate a barking dog.

Herrick reports the home was filled with inches of compact feces and clutter. She reports there was a dog inside that she could not reach because of the clutter.

The Northern Oklahoma Humane Society was notified. They reportedly declined to take the animals because of space limitations and the fact the animals were sick. However, Ashely Villines reportedly said she would attempt to find placement for the animals.

Herrick reports that the City of Newkirk does not have a cat ordinance and no facility, so she took the cats to her home and placed them in her shop with food and water.

At 9:31 p.m. Gottfried reportedly called police and ask that an officer meet him at Jiffy Trip. He was asked to go to the police station. There he reportedly told police that he was concerned about Tyler since she had not been found and asked about the animals. He denied ever living at the home despite the fact it was listed as his address on his license.

He reportedly said he knew the animals were in bad condition and that Tyler got in over her head with rescuing them. He reportedly admitted that the animals belonged to both of them. He reportedly agreed to sign the animals over.

The animals were taken to a veterinarian in Blackwell, who reportedly confirmed that all of the animals were emaciated and in declined health. One of the cats reportedly had maggots in an ear. The other ear was missing and the feline had a hole in its head.

On June 28, Tyler reportedly came to the police department wanting the animals back. She reportedly stated that the animals were well taken care of. She said the kittens were rescued that morning and that only four of the cats were hers. She asked for the animals back.

Police reportedly told her the animals were confiscated and Tyler reportedly ran out of the station cursing. She was able to provide paperwork that one cat was hers and property cared for. That feline was released back to her.

On June 29, five kittens were surrendered to the humane society as the others had passed away. The mother dog and two puppies were placed in a foster home.

The charges were filed against Tyler and Gottfried on Dec. 8. Bond for the pair is endorsed at $2,500.