Court dates set for couple accused of embezzling over $600,000 from Heartland Tank, LLC

December 1, 2022 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Initial apperances are scheduled in Kay County District Court for a Marland couple accused of conspiring to embezzle over $600,000 from Heartland Tank, LLC.

Andrea Nichole Siler, 44, and James Lee Siler, 51, are charged with felony counts of embezzlement and conspiracy.

Major Ken Petrashek, in investigator for the District Attorney’s Major Crimes Unit, with a background in financial crimes, reports in the affidavit that he met with the owners of the business and learned that Andrea was employed as the office manager of the company and that James was an employee entrusted with company resources.

Petrashek reports that Andrea had unsupervised access to the company’s Quickbooks.

In March 2021, the owners reportedly discovered irregularities with their financial statements. Soon after Digital Forensics Corporation was hired to conduct an audit.

The audit reportedly showed a number of unauthorized transactions dating back to 2017.

Among the transactions were unauthorized checks written by Andrea to herself and James. A series of unauthorized credit card transactions were also discovered. Officials report that it is alleged that Andrea was providing her children with company credit cards to use for their personal needs.

Evidence reportedly shows 416 unauthorized transactions totaling $600,273.59 were made between 2017 and 2021 and allegedly taken by the Siler family without consent. James reportedly endorsed at least 160 of the unauthorized checks.

Officials report that the audit period on the credit card transactions only included 2019, 2020 and 2021 and showed 85 different unauthorized transactions made by the Siler family during that time period.

Petrashek states in the affidavit that he believes embezzlement did occur based on the interview with the company owners and a review of evidence.

Officials report that the manner in which the Siler children were involved will require more investigative work. The Siler were arrested this week and released on $10,000 bond.

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