Rep. Luttrell sworn in for fifth term

November 22, 2022 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Ken Luttrell, R-Ponca City and other members of the 59th Legislature took their oaths of office on Nov. 16. Rep. Luttrell is serving his fifth term in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

“I am so deeply honored and humbled that the citizens of District 37 would put their trust in me to be their voice at the Capitol for a fifth term,” Luttrell said. “I promise that I will not let you down and my door is always open to you if you ever need anything.”

Rep. Ken Luttrell, left takes the oath of office.

Luttrell said there are a number of priorities the Legislature will be addressing in the upcoming session.

“We have a lot of challenges to tackle on behalf of Oklahomans during this year’s session, and we are ready to get to work,” Luttrell said. “Most important to me is addressing inflation and how hard Oklahoma families have been hit over the past two years. I’m hoping to see more money go back into our citizen’s pockets whether that is through a grocery tax cut, income tax credit or lowering of the tax rate.”

Luttrell said that education and business issues are priorities as well.

“We need to find ways to increase student outcomes and support local control of our schools, because we have fallen too far behind for too long,” Luttrell said. “Additionally, we need to work on becoming a more business friendly state. Part of attracting business is having an educated workforce, so fixing some of our issues with education should lead to more long term investment by businesses looking to relocate or grow here.”

Luttrell serves as the Chairman of the Appropriations & Budget Select Agencies Committee as well as serving on the Veterans Affairs, Energy and Higher Ed & Career Tech committees. Additionally, he is the Co-Chair of the Native American and Passenger Rail caucuses. Nationally, he serves on the Board of Directors for The Energy Council’s Center for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research, and as a member of the Executive Committee for the National Native American State Legislators Caucus.

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