Jail bookings Nov. 8-21

November 21, 2022 | Headlines|Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked in the county jail Nov. 8-21 include:

Timothy Lee Adams, 22, second degree robbery. (see story)

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Demetrius Allen, 22, BIA hold

Cory Gene Anson, 25, contributing to a delinquency of a minor.

Joey Aragon, 27, BIA hold.

Ian Mark Armstrong, 35, Circle, Kan., assault on a police officer.

Cecilia Esperanza Arriaga, 25, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Michael Paul Avila, 42, Ponca City, DUI.

Leticia Denise Barrera, 27, BIA hold.

Kathie Sue Bowman, 63, Ponca City, domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

Michael Willis Buchanan, 40, Enid, conspiracy and larceny from a retailer.

John Eldon Burch, 53, Burbank, conspiracy and concealing stolen property.

Cash Wayne Cole, 35, Blackwell, failure to register as a sex offender.

Brianna Joann Collins, 25, Arkansas City, Kan., drug charges.

Mark Robert Cowin, 40, Ponca City, DUI under the influence of controlled substance.

Steven Allen Cremers, 38, lewd or indecent proposals to a child.

Gail Constance DeLodge, 37, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Lance Gregory Dent, 29, Red Rock, bail jumping and possession of a CDS.

Audrey Lynette Dozier, 38, Blackwell, malicious injury to property.

Victoria Ann Dummer, 31, Ponca City, second degree burglary.

Randy Wayne Fare, 54, Tecumseah, Bridgeway hold.

Billie Macks Glass, 30, possession of a CDS and domestic assault. 

Jose Manuel Rivera Gomez, 21, Ponca City, reckless conduct with a firearm.

Christopher Graber, 41, Ponca City, protective order violation.

Ryan Mathew Hall, 41, Ponca City, felon in possession of a firearm.

Sampson Earl Hart, 31, Stillwater, Quapaw Nation. 

Robyn Nicole Henton, 24, Lamont, traffic charge.

Jennifer Renee Hill, 33, uttering forged instruments.

John Samuel Hise, 47, Blackwell, drug charges.

Joshua Hunter Horinek, 23, drug charges, offering false evidence and submitting false report.

Kenneth Arthur Hoy, 46, reckless conduct with a firearm.

Michael D. Irons, 52, Fairfax, domestic assault and battery.

Tazlynn Arapanatia Jenkins, 22, BIA hold

Braden Scott Kincaid, 23, Blackwell, DUI.

Rayan Ray Kirk, 20, Ponca City, second degree burglary.

Brian Austin Landes, 66, assault and battery. 

Savannah Hope Klinger, 28, assault and battery. 

Kendall A. Lawson, 33, Shidler, possession of a CDS.

Alicia Dawn LeClair, 38, Ponca City, DUI and possession of a CDS.

Curtis Dale Love, 71, Ponca City, stalking. (see story)

Zachariah Lee Mericale, 26, Blackwell, drug charges and threaten to perform act of violence.

Ashley Merritt, 21, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Eric Shawn Myers, 38, Blackwell, domestic assault and battery.

Johnathan Nelson, 38, Albany, Oregon, throw or drop object on a vehicle.

Danika Elayne Nightwalker-Ortiz, 27, Ponca City, burglary and injury to property.

Clifford Norvell, 47, Ponca City, possession of contraband by an inmate.

Morris Arlen Page, 29, Ponca City, act of terrorism. (see story)

David Park, 59, Ponca City, failure to register as a sex offender.

Michael Wade Parker, 24, uttering forged instruments and possession of a CDS.

Michael Wade Parker, 41, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of a CDS.

Audubre Cameo Patterson, 42, Bridgeway Hold.

Tyler Lynn Pelzer, 32, Cyril, burglary and assault charges.

Charles Anthony Powell, 25, OKC, domestic assault and carrying weapons.

Jennifer Lynn Price, 50, Newkirk, domestic assault and battery.

Catherine Leanne Rhodd, 34, Ponca City, drug charge.

James Richard Robinson, 56, domestic assault and battery.

Lila Marie Roughface, 37, Ponca City, distribute controlled dangerous substance within 2000 feet of a school.

Krysta Rouse, 30, Clinton, possession of a CDS.

Steven Roy, 62, Ponca City, public intoxication.

Casey Daniel Rush, 30, Burbank, aggravated DUI.

Kari Anne Sawyer, 43, Tonkawa, exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult and conspiracy.

Michelle Lee Sewell, 46, Blackwell, possession of a CDS. 

Joshua Shrewsbury, 37, Ponca City, larceny of a vehicle.

Neil Allen Sifferath, 27, drug charges, 

Annette Simpson, 35, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Jeremy Alan Smith, 46, Ponca City, DUI.

Ray Daniel Smith, 42, Perry, domestic assault. 

Matthew Stevens, 42, Kaw City, possession of a CDS.

Teagan Michelle Strahan, 18, Newkirk, aggravated DUI person under 21 possessing alcohol.

Seth Robert Sullivan, 34, Blackwell, Pawnee hold.

Sheldon Vida Tawkoyty, 21, Ponca City, BIA hold.

Jose Tello, 48, DUI.

Hugh Lee Terrell, 46, child abuse by injury.

Sean Edward Tipton, 49 Blackwell, drug charge and unlawful communication with a convict.

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