Marriages and Divorces Oct. 24-Nov. 11

November 12, 2022 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Those who have filed for marriage or divorce in Kay County District Court Oct. 24-Nov. 11.


Michael David Nephew and Kristina Jean Loy

Tanner Cole Vassar and Nicosha Lynne Anderson

Bobby Wayne Giles

and Bailey Nichole King

Corey Dakota Adams

and Kelley Lynne Watson

Jarom Fulbright and Ruthina Tommy

Trevor Roe Thereon and Ashley Ann Greer

Remington Wade Fry and Morgan Michaela Estep

Brady Hunter Parrish and Shelby Ann Bliss

Aaron Erik Aberg and Christine Marie Goentzel

Rameses Saenz and Paige Nicole Traffas

Chad Wayne Shaffer and Brittney Michelle CarsonSkyler Hawk Rhynard and Abigaile Zaine Freeman

David Matthew Arnold and Phyllis Lue Williams

Shane Davis Hogan and Shannon Nicole Fahs

Stephen Craig Hamel and Kathy Marie Mitchell

Logan Andrew Jobe and Ambraiza Michelle McPhee

Kenneth W. Wilson and Judith E. Hielscher

Carson Bradon Officer and Sindel Sandy Thomas

Anthony Joseph Ferraro and Carlie Danielle Bratcher

Kru Matthew Brown and Desiree Ann Melnick

Dalton Payne Mzurier and Kaylee Brooke Casteel


Holly Cannady vs. Russell Wayne Cannady

Shalanda Dawn Peterson-Soliz vs. marty Lynn Soliz

Meredith Michelle Willis vs. Craig Willis Willis

Lori Kay Dempsey vs. Marty Lee Dempsey

Cami Renee Bates vs. William David Bates

Belen Maria Caballero vs. Jovan Gonzalez Caballero

Melissa Ann Elliott vs. Dave C. Elliott

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