Bowling Association seeking high school bowlers

October 11, 2022 | Featured|Sports

PONCA CIYTY — The Ponca City Bowling Association, in cooperation with The Hub, located inside Tonkawa Casino, is seeking high school students for the Oklahoma High School Bowling Program. 

For the past several years, Ponca City High School, Frontier Schools, and Tonkawa High School have fielded both boys and girls teams, which have competed against each other in conference competition and other high school teams at the regional and state levels.

The Ponca City Boys’ Team has advanced to the State Finals in the past and last year the Ponca City Girls’ Team brought the Champion Trophy home to Ponca City.

Practice sessions will be on Mondays and Thursdays (and Sundays if required) throughout the season. Team Try-outs will be at The Hub in mid-November. 

Both teams have coaches willing to assist in developing the skills needed to compete.

Regardless of experience in bowling, students are encouraged to try-out for the team.

The High School Bowling Program is free for all participants with the only qualification being academic eligibility. 

Funding is provided by participating bowling centers, associations, and community sponsors. The program has many great sponsors state-wide. 

During competition rounds, Boys’ team will use five bowlers and the girls will use four bowlers. 

Teams can have up to eight bowlers on the roster. 

Additionally, when teams compete, they use the baker format for scoring the game. 

Like baseball, each team member participates in the team’s final score, taking their turn during the game. There are no individual games bowled during the competition. It is team based, with each bowler responsible for bowling or “taking their turn at bat” in designated frames in each game.

The High School Bowling Program has a strict code of ethics and grade eligibility requirements. Program participants are expected to maintain acceptable grades and will have to present report cards to the Conference Coordinator in November and January.

To join, come to one of the practice sessions held at 4 p.m. at The Hub.

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