Warrant remains issued in child abuse case

September 26, 2022 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant with bond endorsed at $2,000 remains issued for Blake Allen Bentley, 32, Ponca City, by the Kay County District Court.

Bentley was charged on June 7 with a felony count of child abuse.

Ponca City police report that Bentley is accused of punching a 10-year-old in the stomach.

Police made contact with Bentley after the allegations were reported.

He reportedly said he was sweeping the floor when the juvenile slapped him. Bentley reportedly told police he slapped the juvenile back in the side. 

“We roughhouse and play around all the time. He said he couldn’t breathe and that was all. I guess I hit him in a spot and he lost his air. I immediately apologized to him and let him know I did not intentionally hurt him,” said Bentley.

In 2018 Bentley was charged with uttering a forged instrument. A warrant is still active in that case with bond endorsed at $1,500.

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