Warrant issued for stabbing and domestic assault suspect

September 21, 2022 | Courts

UPDATE: Assault case dismissed; Sentencing set in second case

NEWKIRK — The assault case filed against Baeza jr. in connection to the stabbing case was dismissed on Dec. 20, 2022 because of an uncooperative. In the second case, Baeza entered a no contest plea and sentencing is set for March 6, 2023.

NEWKIRK — Warrants with a total bond of $200,000 are issued for Jose Francisco Baeza Jr., 35, Ponca City, by the Kay County District Court.

On July 20, Baeza was charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation, second and subsequent charge after two or more felony convictions. 

On Sept. 9 he was charged with a felony count of assault, battery or assault with a dangerous weapon in connection with a stabbing reported at 721 N. Oak on July 15 just before 11 p.m.

In that case, officer Montana Mann reports that he arrived and traveled down the alley between Oak and Pine where he found a backpack with blood on it and followed a trail of blood to Summit Ave. and around the south side of 721 N. Oak.

Jose Francisco Baeza Jr.

A male subject identified as Cameron Stevens, reportedly came out of the house and said someone was stabbed in the chest.

Officers proceeded to the front of the home and located a male identified as Rayan Kirk in blood soaked clothes. A female, identified as Annabelle Warrior, was holding a towel wrapped around Kirk’s arm. 

Kirk reportedly told police he was stabbed at the residence by a male identified as Baeza.

He was transported via ambulance to the hospital where he was treated and interviewed by police.

Kirk reportedly told officers that he went to the residence with Baeza and a guy named Gage. Once they arrived, Baeza reportedly tried to stab him with a knife from behind but he blocked the knife with his arm. He then reportedly ran to the alley and went north before laying down from the pain.

A resident told police he saw a male in the alley crying for help and covered in blood. When the resident said he would call police, Kirk reportedly said no and took off running back to 721 N. Oak.

Police took statements from the residents at 721 N. Oak.

Dewayne Payne reportedly told officers that he was in the bedroom when someone came in and told him there was a stabbing. He said he did not hear anything.

Michael Shrewsbury told police that he went outside to flip the breaker because the lights had shut off and saw a silhouette of someone walking north in the alley. He said he went back inside and a short time later a guy came inside bleeding.

Joshua Shrewsbury told police he was on the front porch when the victim came around the house bleeding. He reportedly told the victim to go inside and that someone would help him clean up.

Warrior told police she was inside cleaning up broken glass when Kirk walked inside.

Stevens told police he was inside cutting his hair when Kirk came inside the home bleeding.

Police report that Kirk suffered two deep lacerations on the inside of the upper right forearm and that both were approximately four inches in length.

Baeza’s criminal record in Kay County includes, drug charges, domestic assault and battery by strangulation, larceny of an auto, and firearms charges. Anyone with information on his location is urged to contact law enforcement.