COVID update July 24-30

August 5, 2022 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY — In this week’s Situation Update, the State Health Department includes a link to two hospital capacity reports, one outlining the number and percent of Unoccupied Adult ICU beds by region, and the other the number and percent of Unoccupied Adult Inpatient Beds by region.

OSDH wants to emphasize this is a point in time count reported by hospitals to HHS. Hospital capacity numbers change on an hourly basis depending upon admissions and discharges. This data is self-reported by hospitals. Data are subject to change as facilities enter and/or update their responses.

• The weekly Oklahoma COVID-19 Epidemiology & Surveillance Report for July 24-30, 2022 is now available.

• Weekly Epidemiology & Surveillance Reports from weeks past can be found here.

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Local numbers are as follows.

Ponca City has recorded 9,518 cases. Of those 189 are active, and 148 deaths have been reported.

Blackwell has recorded 1,609 total cases. Of those 32 are active and 43 have resulted in death.

Tonkawa has recorded 890 cases. Of those 17 are active and 21 deaths have been reported.

Newkirk has recorded 1,025 cases. Of those 19 are active and 13 deaths have been reported.

Kaw City has recorded 155 cases and three previously recorded deaths. There are currently no reported active cases. 

Braman has recorded 78 cases  and has no active cases. Two cases were previously reported as resulting in death. 

In Grant County, Deer Creek has reported 79 cases and none are active.

Lamont, 137 reported cases, none active. 

Medford has 350 reported cases, none are active.

Nash 94 reported cases, none active. 

Pond Creek has 248 cases reported, eight are active and 107 cases have been reported in Wakita with six deaths.

In Noble County, Perry has reported 1,780 cases,  19 are active and 26 deaths have been reported.

Billings has reported 302 cases, four previously reported deaths and no active cases.

Marland has 117 reported cases, 12 are active. Morrison, 416 cases, nine are active. Red Rock’s case count is 276 with 11 active cases.

In Osage County, Fairfax has recorded 505 cases,  five active and 15 deaths. Shidler has recorded 158 cases, six are active and one death was previously recorded.

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