Court date set for woman accused of smashing windows with a baseball bat

August 3, 2022 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — An attorney status review is set in Kay County District Court for Candice Adrienna Rhodd, 37, Ponca City.

Rhodd is facing a felony count of second degree burglary and two misdemeanor counts of malicious injury to property under $1,000.

Ponca City police report that officers responded to a report of a subject knocking out car windows with a baseball bat at 721 N. Oak on June 22.

Officer Montana Mann reports that he arrived to find many in the neighborhood yelling including a female wearing a purple shirt and bleeding from the back of the head, who was later identified as Rhodd.

She reportedly told police that the tires on her daughter’s vehicle, a white Dodge Charger, were slashed. The vehicle was parked two houses down from 721 N. Oak with two flats.

Rhodd said she was told that a female slashed the tires and ran into 721 N. Oak. Rhodd reportedly said she went inside the residence looking for the accused tire slasher but was told the female was not there. She said that a male who was sitting on the porch, later identified as Cameron Stevens, came inside and started arguing with her.

Rhodd told police she grabbed a bat because she feared the group was going to attack her. She told police that Stevens threw two bottles at her, hitting her with one in the back of the head.

Police interviewed Stevens.

He reportedly said that the owner of the vehicle came to the residence asking who slashed her tires. Stevens said Rhodd showed up and stepped inside the home and started yelling. He reportedly told police things were calming down until Rhodd grabbed a baseball bat and broke a window.

Stevens told police that as he and Michael Adkins tried to usher Rhodd outside she swung the bat and hit him in the arm. He reportedly said he backed up and grabbed a vodka bottle and threw it at her before going outside. Once outside, Stevens said he heard glass breaking. 

Police interviewed Adkins.

Adkins told police he brought some pop and candy to resident, Dewayne Payne. Adkins said he was in a back room with Payne when he heard yelling. He reportedly told police he came out of the room and saw Rhodd swinging the bat around so he pushed her outside and locked the door. Adkins said she smashed a house window out before breaking windows in two vehicles parked at the residence including the one he was driving.

Payne reportedly told police that he lives at the residence and is blind and did not see what happened but heard arguing and glass breaking. Payne told police he does not know Rhodd and that she was not a welcome guest. 

Michael Shrewsberry  reportedly told police that he had been staying at the residence two days and that his 2011 Toyota Tundra suffered a broken windshield during the disturbance and that he wanted to press charges.

Mann reports that Rhodd was transported via ambulance to the hospital for treatment of a head wound and was later arrested on the charges. Rhodd is free on $5,000 bond.