Warrant issued for Blackwell woman in embezzlement case

July 26, 2022 | Courts

McRae has been arrested and booked in the county jail

NEWKIRK — A warrant is issued for Felisa Marie McRae,  42, Blackwell, by the Kay County District Court.

McRae is facing a felony charge of embezzlement.

Blackwell police report that on May 11, management at Casey’s General Store, 4415 west Doolin reported $4,354.53 missing.

Store management told police the funds were a bank drop that never got deposited.

Records indicated that McRae was employed at the store and was responsible for three bank drops and that one did not make it to the bank.

Police contacted staff at RCB Bank in Blackwell.

Video footage reportedly shows McRae deposit two cash bags, while video from Casey’s reportedly shows McRae prepare three bags for deposit.

McRae was interviewed by police on May 25.

She reportedly told police that she does not believe she took three bags to the bank and that she does not need money and would not take the bank bag.

Police reportedly told her to think about there the third bag is and come back in a few days.

McRae reportedly returned to the police station a few days later and told police that she did not know where the bag was and that she did not take it.

Bond for McRae is endorsed at $5,000.

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