Blackwell man arrested after stealing gas and fighting with officers

July 18, 2022 | Courts|Police

BLACKWELL — A Blackwell resident is being held on probable cause after stealing gas, attempting to elude police and threatening officers with a sledge hammer.

Police report that 45-year-old Aaron J. Bell went to the Valero, 728 N. Main at 11:30 a.m. Sunday and allegedly stole gas.

Officers reportedly watched video and obtained a description of the suspect and the vehicle.

Police located the suspect, later identified as Bell, driving east on Ferguson and attempted a traffic stop. Bell reportedly turned south on Main. 

Using the PA system, officers issued multiple commands.

Bell reportedly stopped in the Shepherds gas station parking lot, located in the 1700 block of S. Main. Officers commanded him to keep his hands up and stay inside the vehicle. Bell reportedly did not comply and officers deployed tasers.

Aaron J. Bell

The deployment was unsuccessful so officers deployed tasers a second time.

Bell reportedly yelled, “You ain’t getting me again,” and reached into his truck and retrieved a four pound sledge hammer and assumed a fighting stance.

Officers deployed a taser a third time, which was successful and Bell reportedly dropped the sledge hammer. As officers attempted to place Bell in custody, he reportedly bit Lt. Ty Owens and kicked officer Kyle Watters.

He was booked in the Blackwell jail on complaints of assault and battery upon a police officer, assault battery with a dangerous weapon, attempt to escape custody, eluding police and petit larceny. He is awaiting transport to the county jail.