Warrant issued in stolen jewelry case

July 5, 2022 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant with bond endorsed at $10,000 is issued for Gerita Faye Amador, 50, Ponca City.

Three felony charges of larceny from a house and false declaration of ownership in pawn was filed against Amador on May 13.

Police report that Amador worked as a housekeeper and is accused of stealing jewelry from her clients and then pawning the items. She was arrested and later released on $10,000 bond.

On June 9, a second case was filed against Amador. In that case she is charged with a felony case of larceny from a house and false declaration of ownership in pawn.

Police report that detectives located three rings at Sharp’s Pawn Shop, allegedly pawned by Amador. None of the victims in the first case reported the rings missing.

Amador reportedly signed a pawn ticket claiming that she has owned the rings for three years.

On May 18, a resident contacted police and reported she had talked with a victim in the first case and that she too had employed Amador as a housekeeper. The resident reported three missing rings worth an estimated $6,000 and was able to identify them.

In the first case Amador is set for a court date on July 22.

She has not been arrested on the charges in the second case and the warrant is outstanding.