Commissioner Godberson leaving office this week

June 26, 2022 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Kay County Commissioner Jack Godberson is resigning his position as District No. 1 commissioner this week.

Godberson took over for Vance Johnson in 2017 after Johnson died unexpectedly.

He has held the office for four years and seven months and is leaving office six months early.

Godberson’s last day is June 30 and is his first deputy Shane Jones will be sworn in on July 1.

Gov. Kevin Stitt approved an Order of Appointment for Jones on June 17.

Godberson said he always wanted to be a county commissioner.

“I always wanted to be a commissioner even in 1994 when Dee Schieber ran for office, but I stayed in my truck driving business,” said Godberson. “When Vance died people told me I needed to file and I said no but I eventually I did.”

Godberson, who recently turned 74, said he is realizing how short life can be.

“If I would have ran again and got elected, I would have been 78. When you get into your 70s you realize how short life is.”

Godberson said he is disappointed that he has not been able to get the Hubbard Road bridge over the Chikaskia River replaced.

“There is so much red tape involved in anything that it just takes a long time and whatever you tell the media concerning the timelines on a project, the politics makes a liar out of you.”

Despite the bridge disappointment, Godberson said he has enjoyed his time as commissioner.

“I think I have made some improvements and I got to serve the people who voted me in, but you don’t live forever and politics stink.”

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