Warrant issued in animal cruelty case

June 15, 2022 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A warrant remains issued for Jeremy Alan Smith, 46, Ponca City, who is facing a felony count of cruelty to animals.

Ponca City police report that on April 30, officers responded to the 200 block of north Ash for a report of a dog that attacked another and a male subject who beat one of the dogs.

A resident told police that the neighbor’s pit bull came out of nowhere and attacked an English Bulldog that was in his yard.

Smith and a female reportedly came over to the yard. 

Smith reportedly started hitting the pit bull with a steel rake, tried to pour beer down its throat, and choked it in an attempt to get it turn loose of the bulldog.

After the pit let go, Smith reportedly continued to choke it until it passed out.

The resident reportedly told police that Smith stomped its head.

The dog continued to move so Smith reportedly picked up an axe and hit the dog in the head with the flat side of the axe. He reportedly told the resident. “That is how you kill a dog.”

The couple left and the dog was still alive.

The resident told officers that he shot the dog once to put it down and called police.

The female retuned and placed garbage bags over the dog.

Officer Brandon Schultz reports that he made contact with Smith.

Smith reportedly told police, “ I don’t know nothing. That’s all I got, nothing, nothing. I heard about that. Look no marks, no scratches. I heard about that and its a shame.I heard that they were discharging firearms over there. I don’t know a thing. I know nothing. I got zero warrant. I know nothing. What are you talking about. Have a good day.”

Police report that Animal Control officer Todd Roberson showed up and stated he lives nearby and saw the incident. He reportedly told police he saw Smith choke the dog and hit it with the axe. 

A warrant for Smith with bond endorsed at $2,500 is issued.