Jail bookings May 6-13

May 14, 2022 | Police

The following information is provided by the Kay County Detention Center.

Those booked in the county jail May 6-13 include the following.

Jason Allen, 43, Durant, obtaining money or property under false pretenses.

Andrew Travis Alvey, 35, Ponca City, grand larceny and, domestic abuse and DUI causing great bodily injury.

Gerita Amador, 50, Ponca City, larceny.

Barbara K. Arbona, 28, possession of stolen property.

Terrance James Arkeketa, 32, Ponca City, White Eagle hold.

Cecilia Esperanzw Arriaga, 24, Ponca City, uttering forged instruments.

William Martin Benzing, 24, Ponca City, burglary.

Alexander Concepcion Benitez, 26, Ponca City, arson. (see story)

Ambrose Fernandez Booth, 28, domestic assault.

Michael Wayne Byrd, 24, endangering others while eluding.

John Walter Castro, 40, homeless, burglary.

Jennifer Michelle Chandler, 39, Ponca City, DUI and assault and battery.

Christopher Wayne Clonts, 47, Blackwell, domestic assault and battery resulting in great harm.

Jarrod Allen Cochran, 33, Blackwell, 33, Ponca City, revisiting an executive officer and placing body fluids on a government employee.

Jorge Albert Cuellar Cuevas, 37, Augusta, Kan. Braxter County hold.

James Kevin Etter, 53, Newkirk, home repair fraud. 

Ryan Delane Funburg, 33, refused to give address. domestic charges.

Daryl Ray Gaines, 21, domestic assault.

Isiah Wind Goodman, 26, public intoxication.

Daniel Erwin Asher Graves, 33, Kirksville, Mo. Domestic assault.

Brianna Diana Hall, 24, Sapulpa, failure to report address change to DPS.

Jaime Hernandez, 44, Ponca City, DUI.

Cameron Ross Irons, 32, Ponca City, Noble County hold.

Jason Paul Kassen, 37, Ponca City, DUI.

Jacob Allen McCormick, 30, Kamebridge, Kan., drug and larceny charges.

Steven William Meyers, 51, possession of contraband by an inmate.

Nicole Danielle Michael, 38, Ponca City, forgery.

Humberto Molina, 25, Ponca City, DUI.

Jason Wayne Nelson, 47, Blackwell, false declaration of ownership in a pawn shop.

James Chelston Noriega, 34, Red Rock, DUI.

Carl R. Owens, 32, Ponca City, personal injury accident while DUI.

Andrew Pappan, 26, Ponca City, Osage County hold.

Kayla Renea Park, 34, Blackwell, conspiracy.

Isaac Hubert Joe Patton, 48, Boonesville, Ark. Lewd or indecent proposals to a child.

Christian George Primeaux, 51, drug charges and false imposition in marriage.

Adam Wayne Reece, 43, Tonkawa, child neglect.

Jessica Ann Reed, 34, Anadarko, burglat.

Ethan Andrew Ryan, 24, Blackwell, burglary.

Christy Rhotenberry, 36, Tulsa, unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Danny Jay Rollins, 48, Blackwell, assault on a police officer.

Michael Byron Shrewsbury, 52, Ponca City, domestic assault.

Jerid Dustin Smith, 25, Ponca City, robbery.

Shane Lee Stout, 40, domestic assault.

Keith Brandon Tsosie, 51, Pawnee, burglary and drug charges.

Shane Forrest Walton, 34, Ponca City, Osage County hold.

Albern Conlan Warrior, 31, Ponca City, domestic assault.

Annabelle Francine Warrior, 20, Ponca City, entering structure with intent to commit a crime.

Kaylyn Aelene Young, 33, Ponca City, drug and burglary charges.

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