Investigation continues into rural Cowley Shooting last week; No arrests made

May 10, 2022 | Police


WINFIELD, Kan. — An investigation into a shooting incident last week in rural Cowley County is continuing and thus far no arrests have been made, Undersheriff Christina McDonald said in an email Monday.

Additional information could be released soon. Four people were wounded and continue to recover.

Ponca City Police and Kay County Sheriff’s report logs have offered some additional information on the shooting. An investigation began early May 3 when three gunshot victims showed up at the 7 Clans Gas Station south of Ark City.

According to report logs:

At 4:30 a.m. that day, PCPD received a report of a silver Impala pulling into Alliance Health in Ponca City. The driver was reportedly involved in a shooting and three others were dropped at the gas station.

One of the wounded was identified as Izabella Rodriguez, 37, who was shot two times. Also Juan Martinez, 20, who was shot in the hand. Martinez was later booked in the Kay County Detention Center on a Cowley County hold.

The other two victims have not been identified by name.

One victim reportedly was suffering from a shoulder wound. Another was shot in the hand and a female was shot in the upper thigh and pelvis area. 

Kay County Deputies reported the bleeding was stopped and that the three were calm.

Otoe tribal police and deputies collected evidence at the scene. 

Witnesses told investigators the group had been hanging out on backroads near the state line. 

Wichita Police advised they would collect evidence that was left in an ambulance. Deputies later took possession of a .40 caliber, silver pistol from Newkirk EMS.

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