Redistricting changes some voting boundaries

May 5, 2022 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Mandatory redistricting has caused some precinct boundaries to change therefore some voters now have new polling locations.

Carol Leaming, Kay County Election Board Secretary Precinct said boundary lines must be evaluated every 10 years following the redistricting of congressional, legislative, and county commissioner districts.  

“Redistricting occurs following the federal census to ensure that the population in the various districts is equal,” said Leaming.

Leaming said new Voter Identification cards, along with polling place information, will be mailed to all voters affected by the new precinct lines. 

Voters can also use the OK Voter Portal to find their polling place information. 

Polling place changes will become effective immediately. 

The next election day in Kay County is the June 28 runoff.

All precinct number and polling place locations in the county since the adoption of the new precinct boundary lines are listed below: 


001                        Newkirk Library                                              116 N Maple St                  Newkirk, OK  

101                        Methodist Church Family Center                   105 N 4th St                         Tonkawa, OK  

103                        Church of Christ Church                                300 N Public St                  Tonkawa, OK  

202                        First Christian Church                                    306 E Coolidge St              Blackwell, OK  

205                        Fist Baptist Church                                         1st & Bridge St                    Blackwell, OK  

206                        Methodist Church                                           6th & Coolidge St               Blackwell, OK  

400                        Masonic Lodge                                                  88 Boaz St                           Newkirk, OK  

401 Sub                Christ Church                                                     1001 Boaz St                      Newkirk, OK  

403                        Christ Church                                                     1001 Boaz St                      Newkirk, OK  

404                        Peckham Christian Church                            6090 W Church St            Peckham, OK  

405                        First Baptist Church                                          4748 Pleasantview Rd    Newkirk, OK  

406                        Braman Town Hall                                            302 Broadway St              Braman, OK  

407 Sub                Kildare School                                                    1265 Church St                  Kildare, OK  

409                        Peckham Fire Dept                                           7151 W Church St            Peckham, OK  


411                        Kildare School                                                    1265 W Church St            Kildare, OK  

412                        Community Building                                        300 Morgan Square         Kaw City, OK  

413                        Presbyterian Church                                        14th & Grand Ave              Ponca City, OK 

419                        Community Christian Church                       2109 W Grand Ave           Ponca City, OK  

420                        Ranch Drive Vol Fire Dept                              3454 S Ranch Dr                Ponca City, OK  

421 Sub                Ranch Drive Vol Fire Dept                              3454 S Ranch Dr                Ponca City, OK 

503                        Victory Worship Center                                  618 E Hartford Ave           Ponca City, OK  

516                        Faith Tabernacle                                               501 S 5th St                          Ponca City, OK 

517                        St. Mary’s Parrish Hall                                     408 S 8th St                          Ponca City, OK  

527                        Providence Baptist Church                            1301 W Bradley Ave        Ponca City, OK  

530                        Pioneer Tech Center                                        2101 N. Ash St                   Ponca City, OK  

531 Sub                Pioneer Tech Center                                        2101 N. Ash St                   Ponca City, OK  

532                        Woodlands Christian Church                        1400 E Hartford Ave        Ponca City, OK  

533                        St. Luke’s Church Of the Nazarene             1715 E Prospect Ave        Ponca City, OK  

534                        Northeast Baptist Church                              2200 N Pecan Rd              Ponca City, OK 

535                        First Assembly of God Church                      2313 E Prospect Ave        Ponca City, OK  

Voters with questions should contact the Kay County Election Board at 580 362 2130 or The Kay County Election Board is located at 219 S Main Street in Newkirk, OK and is open 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

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